Sunday, December 28, 2008

stardust .(osi)

' breathing in the dust ' ..

an arctic of loneliness
the mystical grief of hills
separation a desert
but a merger is the sea

trees of yearning rise and sway
fondness in field and fallow
with stardust in earthen eyes
touches the gaze of the moon ..


[ Ed : Line 5 _ trees of desire rise and sway ]

Monday, December 22, 2008

a winter's day. (osi)

..'a warm winter'

a path clad in velvet white
naked branches unashamed
a cantata in stillness
it sings of you, i sing too

the sun on a hiatus
the coming home is early
so a fire crackles with glee
togetherness to sing to..


Saturday, December 13, 2008

distractions. (osi)

' vegas '

chance is a hotel blind
an armchair of habit
senses mortgaged to hope
a creditcard of words

dine on a course of fears
do smoke a pipe of whims
but time's cost is rising
to be paid for with life

vegas undistracted
obfuscates semantics
this dialect so dicy
just lies undeciphered ..


Sunday, December 7, 2008

doodles. (osi)

' mundanity '

a puny sun trots on paper skies
that squelching on the slush
laughs with the gurgle
of a washing machine ,
thoughts of antibiotics
mingle with the school-time rush ,
with the white and yellow ,
give the omelette a tan ,
and talk of the summer ,
under a cloud's doodle
moms' daily artwork
alive and kicking ..

/original/z.g. (

[embarrassed with the protracted stupidity of my original entry, transferred "here' (the brave can click 'here' to see it), felt i had to edit it & try to be less punishing on the reader(s)/regret the inconvenience caused]

{ Re- Ed :- / dec 18.2009.fri
- Line 6 :- and school are whipped up
- Line 8 :- the tan on the omelette
- Line 9 :- talks of the summer }

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

welcoming .(osi)


poured out of a kalashnikov
food for the diners
the floor of the restaurant
a canvas of death
bullets scratch the wall
calligraphing the terror
a grenade explodes
throwing up in flames
a dream,a hope,a life
forming a cloud of smoke
outside a man awaits
afraid and fearful
will he be welcoming
his wife through the carnage
a rattle of gunfire
colder than november..*

(*november 26.08_terror attacks mumbai)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

childhood memories .[osi]


the mirror throws back
harry potter faces
a ghost in the attic
hip hops as a shadow
the backyard tells-tales
of alien hideouts
a sleuth of a dog
smells the neighbor's intent
mom rides a broomstick
when she's not an angel
dad's an utter monster
or a gothic hero
truthful graffiti
hands my childhood back..


Saturday, November 15, 2008

courage .[OSI]

[courage ~(is to go on when you know you can't:school mag quote) ]

' watchin' the sunset '

ever seen a dyin' sun
dropping slowly,so slowly
into the unfamiliar
and a face crimson with pain
as the red of one's own blood
pales into colorlessness
fades away the dusk
a mom holds her son
with a sundowner's syndrome
words dissolve into silence
shouldn't i melt with the sunset
for my dwindling courage does
just watchin' the sun go down
and i feel the going down ..


Saturday, November 8, 2008

paradox. [OSI]

' breathing a paradox '

what ought to be ought not to be
this matter of the mind is grey
society's a different jungle
look-alike predators and prey

touch now the birth touch now the death
teeter-totter contradictions
wonder why the sober dodder
undiscernable addictions

clings to the ground grasping the sky
my house is on the horizon
bits of a night bits of a day
twilight embers,burn,in autumn ..


Saturday, November 1, 2008


' light '

the night consumes my existence
just a quaint nothingness
flickering echoes of my mind
like a chant voice your name

but through the blackness i see still
your myriad hues of love
the mutational colors of life
in undisguised beauty

as this lonely moonless darkness
a blessing in disguise
an absence defining the glow
of the light i crave for ..


Sunday, October 26, 2008


' the page turns '

this light
no prisoner to the moon
the night stabs me
with a whispered tremor
of reflection
silhouettes of sensuality
with the flowers & seasons
of your being
no price attached
no transaction this
just an endowment
a jewel hangs
from black eyelashes
you read a page
from erich segal's
love story
in resonance
with different autumns..


Saturday, October 18, 2008

never ending.(osi)

'never ending'

it has all the names and no name
no clock ticks to no dimensions
merges happiness with sorrow
inside the senses but beyond

smaller than nano yet immense
how was it born when will it die
tied to belief still free of it
it is inert and kinetic

becomes the form and the formless
at once manifest and hidden
exists in life and lifelessness
an expression lighter than light

sought after yet seeking to be
at one with the infiniteness
constant in the momentary
unfathomable eternal..

{~ideas of the 'brahma' or the eternal~who was, is and always will be -from indian theology -[vedas,puranas,upanishads,the bhagwad gita]-the word-'an expression'-is brahma}
Frawley, David. “Gods, Sages, and Kings” Salt Lake City, Utah: Passage Press, 1991
Frawley, David. “Astrology of the Seers” Twin Lakes, Wisconsin: Lotus Press, 2000 /

Saturday, October 11, 2008

gold .(osi)

sunflowers and callendulas
let this gold sprout,spring and blossom
drink and dance on the flaming hues
what hummingbirds what butterflies

memories like a retriever
fetch the spinning frisbees of time
they wag a golden tail and bark
to fill silences with fondness

a sundowner's glowing amber
sipping the dusk till it is dawn
a river of gold becomes the bridge
across the night and sees it gone..


Saturday, October 4, 2008



Café conversations
Day to day contemplations

See through
The insinuations of colors
Hear the bossa nova
Of the giggles
Changing step
With the aromas
Dancin’ around

to Feel
The inexplicable touch
Of warmth and tenderness
(alluded to as life)
In the palms
Of affinity

Sips the brew
This ink
Never dries
I savor
The yummy taste
Of someone’s poem

Looking for expressions
I find life..


Saturday, September 27, 2008

fleeting .osi


Got caught
In this quirky circumstance
Of the unlit alleys of distraught emotions
And unexplained phobias
Where drowsy eyed 'gators of depressive thoughts
Yawn wide open in their readiness
To gobble up an entire being
Where wave after wave
Of hushed,hypocritical corporate conversations
Sound like deafening cacophonies
Where you become a kid once more
Wanting to cling to someone
Or something that's never there
The day after a school shootout
Where closed mindsets decide what 'good' is
Which is actually not
Where..the colossus of gigantic business interests
Feeds on a collection of puny little solitary dreams
Like a whale devouring those shoals of tiny fishes
Where.a.tight lipped, hawk eyed jury
Chills you
To the marrow of your bones
For an opportunity that you lose out upon
Where relationships are deemed to be investments
That fluctuate with current price indices
Yet somehow
Out of this 'black hole'..
My thoughts and ideas escape
Like unchained,playful bumblebees
And butterflies seeking to interact with wild flowers
'nother faceless nobody
In the fleeting twirls
And the crazy swirls
Of an ephemeral whirlwind
Inside my TV..

[from an earlier draft]

Saturday, September 20, 2008



swollen pumpkin dreams turn to frost
choreographing the loneliness
bare limbed trees mime abstract dance forms
one shaky leaf enacts the fall

summer leaves a different color
this rusted brown amber of wine
see his sad alcoholic eyes
just the autumn every season..

{:before assuming the pen name " zoya"// -noun:fem:_ [ internet sources ~ translate "zoya" as-life-alive- "searcher"- or God's gift-] //- i had penned ~ ages back~ [in college] my first ever ' poem? '* in english~between then and the commencement of my blog in feb 2008, i had not written a single poem - none ( in english).~{"do not write poetry if you can help it"is a quote i like to remember.. this sombre (scribbled at 17) 'poem?-'autumn memories'*-posted > here(click)] - could make u laugh!~(incidentally, i'm born to hindu brahmin parents ,with a liberal mind set :.ref :long time ago question by Geraldine[MPP] "like ur first name"- 'zoya'~ (-it holds no religious connotations)- }
{ps:{sep22-12.14am IST}the said poem? 'autumn memories' can be read at:}

Saturday, September 13, 2008



the optimism titanic

sinks inside my whimsical bones

panic inside a closed cabin

the voyaging maverick yearnings

the chaos of impending doom

strips bare the facades and the truths

hanging on to the most precious

beauty of a beloved's dream

from the wreckage emerge stories

of unending love and desire

within a survivor's heartbeat

seeds of resilience blossom

become the flowers of laughter

alive with the fragrance of life

my pessimism's nemesis

this optimism titanic..


Saturday, September 6, 2008

'defenses down'

the soft drizzles of hope
no thwarting umbrellas
sunshine,a clear truth
need no colored glasses
chuck the wind cheater off
the spirit rides the breeze
roll n roll on the snow
earth's creamy playground
defenses down greet
the wind, rain and snow
and a beaming sun
see,the children can
while the grown-ups dream *..

*[revised:our dream is their world-

Saturday, August 30, 2008


sensuous breezes croon
and touch a leaf with song

flower the sun and moon
every moment fragrant

an ocean's mystic tune
seen the sea in the wave

the aching heart would swoon
so taste a cuckoo's call

the summer skies of june
hear the radiance laugh

the five frolicking flames
set alight the senses

for love is all around..


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


christmas is a long way away
she is planning the homecoming
the turkeys and the surprises
the baloons,the curtains,the toys
the cards,the dresses and the shoes
but you cannot plan the laughter
or the happy chaos that spreads
across a sizzling dancing floor
to the rythms of flamenco
the sounds of the roma gypsies
the homeless wandering minstrels
christmas is some distance away..


Saturday, August 16, 2008

~unresolved~[ spectacle]

[last week jumped the gun for "spectacle'.
this week it's 'resolve'.trying to address both.]/AUG 24:/OSI 'RESOLVE'


behold the appearance of love
resolve a monalisa smile
the tajmahals carved of the moon
as dawn drops her tresses of gold
or dusk blushes, her cheeks on fire
the beauty of nirvana's truths
fill a grand canyon of desire
blindfolded,see a blind man's view
through the vision of sightlessness
the visual of the within
it was never invisible
perhaps red,green or blue on show
whoever caught a glimpse would know
behold the spectacle of love!..

RESOLVE(2)[IF time permits!]
'A Brush With Goya'*~

a wrinkled carrier
like a leather kayak
capsized,and frozen #
unworldly lifelessness

an overturned shoe
grief had bitten through
its' sole to open up
poverty's hidden doors

a cheap cigarette butt
lying alongside
voicelessly narrates
the burnt out hardship

will the brain resolve
to step into that shoe
for 'nother spectacle
of a so called conscience..

/[*Goya:spanish artist]/#modified:capsized,it faces-aug25

Saturday, August 9, 2008


the blind solitude of the night
the 'stairway to heaven' fades out #
your whispers arrive in ripples
talk of the sun's drizzling gold
the fluid silver of moonshine
azure joys where the souls sail free
the green of life on lithe branches
my mystical lotus eater
for less than a moment hear me
there's a world of persephone
of penia and hades and plutus
each day descend thirty thousand
the children WHO* die of hunger
who could not ascend the stairways
to a distant planet called earth

the hieroglyphs of poverty
the flowers that do not blossom

my mind,save a whisper for them..

[*world health organization
#Led Zeppelin]

Saturday, August 2, 2008

folly :/{the freedom & civil rights movements}

not distinguishing
first person singular
from third person plural
peculiar grammar

where the punctuation
was the hope and struggle
the idiom was pain
the syntax was a dream

luther king and gandhi
their obtuse expression
the folly of a tongue
where "i" stood for ' them'

they stood for liberty
La langue d'amour


Saturday, July 26, 2008


cobwebs of disdainful prejudice
like puckered wrinkles on the cheeks
black sarcasm that darkened it all
the stark shadow under the eyes
the stained rut of selfish intent
the morbid lines on the forehead
the refusal to laugh with the joys of others
the drooping and sagging of the chin
an attitude that diminished the spirit
the chilling dryness on the lips
the discomforting pompousness
shrieked from the ridge of the nose
the insensitive desire to subjugate
the silent cruel blankness of expression
this labyrinth of thoughts
faced the surgeon
technically attractive
a media savvy person
had come for a face-lift
neither cardiac nor cosmetic
but a matter of the heart
the surgeon thought
or was it prosopagnosia
~face blindness . ./original/z.g.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

un'rest' (sierra leone)

a choir on wings are you the church
at dawn and dusk the invocation
you are unmoved ever at rest
as if in deep meditation

a log to cross the river of sorrow
in the door and window of every life
from cradle to coffin are you not there
we peck your wood oh tree of hope

a penumbra of pain the eclipsed sun
a blood diamond of sierra leone
through the unrest was standing still
a dragon's blood tree unshaken../original/z.g.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


the church and a mosque
temple and synagogue
junior high schoolers
such sand structures form

a day before the storm

they all look alike
just the day after
common grains of sand

the consonance of life
is waiting to flower
in the sun-filled hour
of a heart's shangri la

no don't call it a myth ../original/z.g.

myth..#2[july 14 mon]

dreams crumble into pain
faith and its' fractions'
lowest common factor

starts a search for joy
faith and its' fractions'
highest common factor

time and space constant
He is far beyond
the algebra of myth../original/z.g.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

through a window

it all goes black the blues grab me
with their scorpion tails stab me
for light crave in a closed cocoon
you the glow of the sun, the moon
through a window

would the silence eat up a song
the notes of love could they go wrong
the chuckles are back and throbbin'
because you chirp like a robin
through a window

no noxious fume to choke my breath
life finds a way past every death
and through the chill of damp despair
you rejuvenate like fresh air
through a window


[ Ed :- L ine 8 - the heart chuckles back to throbbin' ]

Saturday, June 28, 2008


somnabulistic daze
some imprints won't erase
startled you wake up
the perfumes don't knock
just transcend the doorway
waft in and float around
awaken the senses
the flowers that were dead
have come back as blossoms
and the fragrances live
in a world without doors../original/z.g.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


teen aged effervescence jazzed
with the blues of adolescence
anxieties drummed up the heartbeats
soul searchin' thoughts rock n rolled

first romances light or heady
did awaken a melody

me,the mountain's heightened stupor
you,the forest's wilderness song
stars' distant psychedelic blinks
glowed in the night's carbon eons

passionate moons clouds unsteady
did awaken a melody

twilight years' blurred vision's haze
the lil' tit bits of life amaze
shimmering joys glimmering griefs
in every twinkle love's beliefs

i know o-blah-dah o-blah-dee
did awaken a melody../original/z.g.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


an old clock's crackled nagging raps
on sleepy slumbering eyelids
wakes up the transience of dawn

rushes through breakfast runs to school
a spherical ball this globe small
in the playground watches it roll

but what was bouncier,the ball
her wild spirit or that girl
the mystery never unfurls

on the dreamy way back from school
the orange traveler above
becomes her lovely firefly

which she must prepare to catch
in her grand ma's butterfly net
for her cool digital scrapbook

and therefore the stupid sun
who's also her hooky playmate
is playing hide and seek with her

a day in her bag,homeward bound
the happy lil' girl hops around
in dusk's magic evanescence

but still the sun is on the run
to hide or seek another one
another place,another time

another school,reverberates
with laughter,kids teeter totter
in what looks like the same planet

the kid girl-civilization
the sun her inspiration


[ ED - a childhood flame that still does burn!]

Saturday, June 7, 2008


in tricky times and through a storm
he keeps her secrets keeps her warm
her friend in life's big adventure
this fur ball on the furniture
'tis life's easy philosophy
to beat every catastrophe
she quotes her mom verbatim
and cries,laughs, then talks to him
how he would and why he should
not be bad but just be good
learning to love,trust and share
pets and hugs her teddy bear
i doubt if it's inanimate
her angel mate and grizzly pet!../original/z.g.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

freedom to the rain

tear - -

a question ,
a statement ?
or both ,
in your eyes
the verb
becomes a noun ,
on my lips
a lifeless word ,
in your eyes
a pearl alive ,
a ray of light
flashes through it
and disperses ,
into all the colors
of the rainbow ,
drops to the earth
a tear ,
i search for it
in the rain ..


[ Edited - / dec 12 .2009.sat ]

Sunday, May 25, 2008


campus reflections - -

the rdx biologies
of lcd screen goddesses
do imbalance the chemistry
of peer group psychology

the centrifugal forces
between the teacher and the taught
design the vision and optics
of astronomical dreams

the sting of dwindling discipline
theology, ethics and sin
continue to fox and hound
bosses of the social sciences

enlightenment , education
elation , emancipation
shrink to an anti depressant
over classroom situations

the dean of anthropology
over ifs and buts reflecting
views the prescribed pill pensively
thinks , and thinks again ..


[ Ed --
Line 4 : of peer group psychologies
Line 5 : as the centrifugal forces
Line 8 : of raw astronomical dreams
Line 11: just continue to fox and hound
Line 18: over ifs and whys reflecting
Line 20 : wonders,thinks,and reflects again ]

Monday, May 19, 2008

bleeding hearts

a loss loss match of snooker
starts and a game gets rolling
the Cue of causation strikes
colorful sentiments crash
till a ball of tears sinks
into grief's waiting pocket
the eyes' secret treasure box
hides these pearls of emotion
they become glittering dew drops
this jewellery on blossoms of pain
just how the bleeding hearts bloom!..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

'warm veneers cold bluffs'

In a hermits white robes
cloak unholy notions

with crafty poetic verse
veil sterile emotions

when the heart's down under
on your face wear a smile

trade skin deep affections
beat Broadway by a mile!

be the enemy within
like a friendly impostor

and shroud vested interests
in love's roller coaster

a cold or a warm vibe
as circumstances ask

camouflage to survive
for every need a mask!../original/z.g.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

'deserted' woods

[To those who hope like Green Peace]

Now your lungs keep burnin'
there's acid in the winds
still, frozen,disorientated
weary birds,your thoughts

your rivers of hope sulk
on finding their dead ends
with civilizational trash
why sully the mountains

for who's liberation
just falls a hapless tree
can one dodge the ocean
the deluge wouldn't agree

your heart it hardly melts
each end of the world does
life is not a desert
of plastic entertainments!

deserted woods of asphalt
so mocked a grass weed flower
(until the human crushed her)
under his synthetic soles../original/z.g.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


.. [:luminous fireflies:engulfed in darkness:
Flowering lights!]..

stacking up warm accessories
and packing up magic moments
for cold could be her journey
to this unacquainted limbo

sweet squabbles over dinners
soulful tie ups with flowers
gossip brewin' coffee breaks
a garage band's fumin' angst

yet the most nostalgic crumb's
a grand kid's comic tantrums
at this facility for the old
so much like home,she's told

but not quite home she knows
eyes approach the sedate snows
to bury the sail away freedoms
of the summers her life'd known

now flowering memories tango
to the songs of yesterday../original/z.g.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


a quirky unlit alley
of emotions distraught
'nother metaphor taught,
the drowsy eyed 'gators
of depressive thoughts

they yawn wide open
as if to gobble up
an entire being,ah,yes
one does want to cling
to a someone, something

but wouldn't they respond
on this day that's dawned
past a school shoot out
and, i am a survivor
'tis not a triumph.. /original/z.g.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


[:a colorful life/or a life with colors
POVs of the color-blind]

spring outside but
the mood stays trapped
well wrapped, in autumn and,
In the “right” side of my mind
the broken half of the moon
of a myriad stupid desires
is hooked to a leafless branch
of desolate quiet circumstance,
yet my smile can’t be robbed
for a zillion starry shimmers
keep croonin’ on, an antiphon,
and echo to a breath’s quivers
to keep my kindergarten whims
to the colors of spring outside!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

'glory'-.."to a dog lost"..

In bleak light his flickering eyes
kick through the smoke
watchful legs appraise
the carpet of death beneath

my brain speaks the gibberish
of the kids back home
the taste of 'what if'
a bubblegum of thoughts
in my mouth

his nose can hear the footsteps
of death
my ears can smell the warning
in his bark
hark hark
the explosion


a flame,a candle
what dog handler
could handle
hollowed by a landmine
was a dog's grave


[reads an epitaph story
a dog's life
ends in glory-ED]

Saturday, April 12, 2008


a stranded note
pines for music!
piano keys
trembling fingers
console stranded melodies!
[post edited after QP'S visit,her comments don't refer to the above] /original/.zg.*2nd thoughts.["stranded"1st >.april8>below]

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


the within and without
sounds cliched
interior and exterior
more so!
so what!
shying away from crowds
an agoraphobic mind!
at crossroads with
a claustrophobic heart!
seeking the outdoors
open spaces!
between the inside
and outside of a world
the oxygen of what
we think and feel
inhale and exhale
is sometimes "stranded"! /original/z.g.

a small cup of tea

and always crossed!
no 'capital' punishment
of the vertical line
'being hanged'
to the horizontal
'executed' as a 'BIG' T
for the small 't'
a small cup of tea
crosses my mind,
and if found empty
just asks to be filled
with a heartwarming brew
so why review
this sugary 'excuse'
to get together!../original/z.g.

Friday, April 4, 2008

a spring in my walk!

His windmill
blades will
blow off the blues
as warm pink hues
form a nebular haze
of happiness!
no gloom can eclipse
what He can endow!
for the time now
is a season of tulips!
omgosh!PINK TULIPS.. /original/z.g.

Monday, March 31, 2008

flight [ hostage to language]

like juxtaposed oxymorons
caged freedom
in the dreams
of an insomniac

as everything else
has an opposite
from which breaks free
the spirit!

its' flight
of language
means 'liberty'!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

a sketch a face

still lines
but not without
unpredictable mood-swings

just lines
in parabolic
and hyperbolic

a reality
sometimes tangent
at other times
dots in a straight line

for what is
or what is not

the face
in the sketch
a loved one
or anyone
so familiar
yet evading recall

dwindling sensitivity
or feigned amnesia?
a sketch
or a face

dear witness ..


Thursday, March 27, 2008


the boy
finds a paper rocket

a message
no from
no to

love is
an accident

a drunken postman


[ Ed-
stanza one - rearranged
Line 6 :an intimate message
Line 7 : 'from' or 'to' entries
Line 8 : nil
Line 9 :wonders
Lines 11 & 12 - rearranged
Line 15 coincidence /deleted
Line 16: alias serendipity ]

Friday, March 21, 2008

a chat

the hushed up scents..
the gentle perfumes
of the flowers..
..almost reached me..

..z.g.."a chat with beka"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

expression in slow motion..

Many lilies and hollyhocks,
gerberas and chrysanthymums,
scents of muffled up fancies flowed,
musky wishful imaginings,flowered

and blossomed in the enclosures
of my mind.
A canopy of reason
to escape the acid rain.

A hedge of hawthorn,
to resist being trampled upon
and that done,
a good ol' garden gate,

which however,
those tresspassing thoughts
to mingle and congregate.

my hedge of hawthorn,
took a long long while
to find its full expression,

joked someone
is it autistic,
artistic,may be!
and yet i got drawn

to a moment, bygone
when a crown, the Christ had worn
of the thorns of hawthorn !../original/z.g//

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hide and seek

it was the arrested development
of that moment
into which the dusk
had gotten trapped,

like a freeze shot
from a suspense thriller,
and i watched the little girl
kick that ball,and fall
kick that ball, and fall

and which was bouncier
the ball,or the girl,
the mystery didn't unfurl

she was on her way back
from school
telling her own self
that the sun was nothing
but a firefly
that she needed to catch

in her butterfly net
for her new scrapbook
and therefore the stupid sun
who was sometimes her hooky playmate

was playing hide and seek with her
on her homeward bound
return journey

..but.. the sun continued
to hide and seek.. another girl,another place,another time... another life. what looked like.. the same planet..//original//....z.g

Saturday, March 1, 2008

valentine's day

..paper- boats
.. of desires or thoughts..
for some strange reason..
lose their way again

into unknown bermuda triangles

and i do feel tempted
to reverberate with
another lifeform's 'whim',
volatility or "restlessness"

or even to simply
{ape,borrow,or plagiarize it}
.. and celebrate its' resistance to being
in a specific "art form"..

obviously because
it overlays sanity
with impressions and epithets
verging upon the "dangerous"

and thereby glean across
those periods of history
from mayan hairstyles
to anti dandruff cranky tag lines

in the smallest imaginable
measurement of time

and then, consequently,
opt to volunteer
to breakthrough
into an .. illusion..
on a borrowed trojan horse..

decide to revel
in the imagery
of "clay and paint"..
that always deserved to be manifest
on the covers of elitist art magazines

as also, in the discipline
of "string and dance"..
pitted against patience and time,
and in any demographic predicament..

and watch my own thoughts slip by.. a filmstrip,
as someone performs to a bonfire,
in the solitary wilderness
of the moon..

..tomorrow is valentine's day..
but why not ask somebody ,
if tomorrow ever comes?//original//z.g.

Friday, February 29, 2008

subjective v/s objective subjectivity

..on a platform..sitting on a static train

saw and perceived myself..
to be in motion,travelling..

obviously,it was the train alongside that was...
a mere illusion of 'having been moved'
and therefore no 'locus standi' on that count..

the distinction between 'perceptions' and 'realities'
'statics' and 'dynamics'
is sometimes the POV{point of view}..

..just as you and me,travelling alongside
on two separate trains,in the same direction
.consider.. or..visualize the other
to be 'motionless'

from a refracted angle, many a times
my stillness
has been my journey!... hypothetical?
perhaps~as may be.
in the often misunderstood
theories of relativity

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 it what u would..

is it the chemistry that we share,
..or is it a mental response to the senses
of sight,hearing, smell,taste or touch,

is it a thought,emotion, desire..
or a logical contract
between life forms,

born out of self interest
and inflated egos
for reciprocal appeasement.. it belief,faith,trust
or mutual respect..
..or is it simply

the numbness and blankness
that descends upon me
at the very thought
of losing u!
..i know not..

but i cherish u
as u r!,
ur grief saddens me,
..ur joys make me happy,
n ur value
exceeds all else,

..what could i call it .. ?!...
..what could u call it.. ?!...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


..anybody..[survivor/triumph] it me that got caught
in this quirky circumstance
of the unlit alleys of distraught emotions
and unexplained phobias where drowsy eyed ‘gators of depressive thoughts
yawn wide open in their readiness
to gobble up my entire being
where..wave after wave.. of hushed,hypocritical corporate conversations sound like deafening cacophonies..
where.. i become a kid once more wanting to cling to someone or something that’s never there, the day after a school shootout..
where..the rigidly formulated preprogrammed conditionalities of closed mindsets determine what is good for me which is actually not..
where..the colossus of gigantic business interests feeds on a collection of puny little solitary dreams like a whale devouring those shoals of tiny fishes..
where..tight lipped, hawk eyed interviewers, scan through cv after cv, and chill you to the marrow of your bones with their frosty gazes for a prospective job that you lose out upon..
where ..relationships are sometimes deemed to be investments that fluctuate with current price indices ..and
out of this ‘black hole’, nevertheless.. my thoughts and ideas escape like unchained,playful bumblebees and butterflies, seeking to interact with the wild flowers of untamed emotions, hope and optimism..
and i ask myself, is it me, or could it be somebody else?..

Monday, February 18, 2008

ode to a painting /outrageous

i've always liked
to joke to myself
that somewhere
in the future

i'm already dead!

mellow fragrances
milder symphonies
at the threshhold

of oblivion!

mysterious memories
defy recall
still i try hard
to listen

as the sunset
of consciousness
slowly melts
into a dark night

of unknown emotions!

and suddenly
i yearn for someone
sans or with reason

far away
the moonlight
over rustling leaves

sounding like
the soft whisperings
of childhood melodies
yes,i do try mom

to jolt myself
out of the voodoo
of surreal forms
and images

till i wake up!

to the perfumes
of "annunciation:
the time of flowers"
[abstract art Title]

in this structured
of life!,sometimes
outrageous ~ /original/z.g.

.._(original post edited/modified )
{ref:painting/art>bkacicek-"annunciation;the time of flowers"}

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

talking to ninanina

zoya gautam said...
dear nn,
sordid it indeed is..
and i do hope i would avoid a sham,
"put on' attitude,..

and refrain from sermonizing..
while i continue to tap
on the keyboard...

...trying to say that ..
art and history
can be so liberating ..
in their objectivity
..and perhaps
"mentally enabling"
in the sense
that they can
provide individuals with
a deeper insight of
the human mind,
free from any
ethnic or political bias..
time i reminded myself i am not in a classroom, cutting loose like an imaginatively free
"intelltectual phony"!!

dear nn,
can't help writing ,
a response from another continent
where i'm embarassed
to accept that
the daily news report
reads like a crime diary..

financial scams,rapes,murders
sale and purchase
of human organs...
u name it v have it..
no it's not africa or egypt or romania
or burma,indonesia or vietnam...
it's my beloved country..
the tragedy is "beloved'
here may be sounding
like black sardonic satire
but it is actually not.
..and as india..
the spiritual india
of poverty and disease..,
of growth,development,
technological advancement,
upward economic mobility,
corporate dreams and share market buzz
and of a recognizable
historical and cultural hertiage..
moves on..
i think of
roxana,cerebral palsy,
scabies,forced pregnancy...and nina nina ..and wish her well..z.g/p.s.>it may not be sounding like a poem;it is not!-no, it is actually not!!plain correspondence,that's it.z.g.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

noun v/s pronoun

DEAR K,...reverting to the phrase"who knows!"
.....when pronouns become
nouns meanings do perceptibly change,don't they?
it's really good to know that "WHO" truly KNOWS!
just wondering how would it be to christen a k9,any k9 ie-"who"!!
who knows?!

2:49 PM

Monday, February 4, 2008


not so long ago,there was no web world,no cyber space and minimal connectivity.

the net has changed all that,thankfully!and while the cerebral community researches and explores 'mind over matter' we go on with the heartbeat to heartbeat process called life,survival,existence or whatever .and yet,despite all this technological prowess the world cannot definitively predict what's in store for us at the very next moment!does anybody know?who knows!