Monday, April 27, 2009


' blah blah '

hermeneutic complexities
dissolve into a gurgling stream
of onomatopoeic giggles
kids of the world laugh as kids would

any place on the planet earth
caw cawing about little things
tick tocking through the drudgery
of dull classroom expositions

hee hawing through an argument
oink oinking about the boredom
plop-plopping or wheezing across
the meanings that lie with the words

ka-ha kuh-uk-ing like a coot
pipit-pipit-ing like pipits
they don't care 'bout the blah blah blah
but live and love as the kids would ..

/original/ z.g.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

one word .osi

' hardly a word '

it is merely a syllable

bottling up the largest oceans
housing the hills in shoe boxes
the smallest word of a language


wiping all the labels and tags
no matter what the origin
in resonance with all sorrows


and when you say that i am small
and dark and silent and lonesome
a wish to see you rising high #


for the expressions of one love
this wind,water,fire,earth and sky
go on filling an emptiness

i ..


( ED-a wish that wants to see you high / 'rising' replaces 'reaching' # / line 15- 'an' replaces 'this' )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

live water .osi

' rain '

beads of honest labour
the poor man's shining pearls
trickle down to the earth
to join a cloud some day

hanging in the darkness
the heat of frozen tears
like drops of molten wax
clinging to a candle

but written in sparkles
the dew is a language
the words that flowers speak
to say they are in love

so hear the live water
its raining cats and dogs
meows and happy barks
of life's pitter patter

this sweat that dew that tear ..


Sunday, April 5, 2009


' love '

written or spoken it's love

inaudible undertones
inside alcoholic eyes
reciting every silence
the sorrows soliloquize

the addictive harmonies
of such unquenchable thirsts .
resonating with heartbeats *
fill up the empty glasses

a halcyon moment burns
as a darkness drinks the dusk
one fire dowses another
till the night's awash with dawn

written or spoken it's love ..


[ED-the different amplitudes-of an unquenchable thirst
-that resonance of heartbeats *-stanza 2 -1st 3 lines
/ last line-just love]