Tuesday, February 26, 2008


..is it me that got caught
in this quirky circumstance
of the unlit alleys of distraught emotions
and unexplained phobias where drowsy eyed ‘gators of depressive thoughts
yawn wide open in their readiness
to gobble up my entire being
where..wave after wave.. of hushed,hypocritical corporate conversations sound like deafening cacophonies..
where.. i become a kid once more wanting to cling to someone or something that’s never there, the day after a school shootout..
where..the rigidly formulated preprogrammed conditionalities of closed mindsets determine what is good for me which is actually not..
where..the colossus of gigantic business interests feeds on a collection of puny little solitary dreams like a whale devouring those shoals of tiny fishes..
where..tight lipped, hawk eyed interviewers, scan through cv after cv, and chill you to the marrow of your bones with their frosty gazes for a prospective job that you lose out upon..
where ..relationships are sometimes deemed to be investments that fluctuate with current price indices ..and
out of this ‘black hole’, nevertheless.. my thoughts and ideas escape like unchained,playful bumblebees and butterflies, seeking to interact with the wild flowers of untamed emotions, hope and optimism..
and i ask myself, is it me, or could it be somebody else?..

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