Saturday, February 9, 2008

noun v/s pronoun

DEAR K,...reverting to the phrase"who knows!"
.....when pronouns become
nouns meanings do perceptibly change,don't they?
it's really good to know that "WHO" truly KNOWS!
just wondering how would it be to christen a k9,any k9 ie-"who"!!
who knows?!

2:49 PM


  1. dear K,
    in american english means
    playing "hide & seek",does it?
    thank god u chased the sun into hiding,why else
    did the stars have a naughty twinkle & that tender moon an impish grin?......and good,that
    no one heard the soundless sobbing of the night{downbeat thought,just delete it!}
    while the sun plays hide & seek with another girl,another place,another time... another life..but looks like the same

  2. dear K, many desires and thoughts..for some unknown reason..lose their way again into,should we say,some unknown bermuda triangle..and i do feel tempted to {ape,borrow,plagiarize}
    or simply reverberate with a lifeform's 'whim'
    and "restlessness",{that resists being caged in a
    specific "art form"}...and,thus,overlays sanity with impressions
    or epithets such as "dangerous"....
    ..and i volunteer
    to breakthrough into an
    illusion on a borrowed trojan horse,and decide to revel in the images of "clay and paint",of
    the 'discipline of "string and dance"..'
    ..and watch my own thoughts slip by like a
    filmstrip,as someone performs to a bonfire,in the solitary wilderness
    of the moon..
    remember tomorrow is valentine's day...luv, c.u. z.g.