Sunday, May 4, 2008

'deserted' woods

[To those who hope like Green Peace]

Now your lungs keep burnin'
there's acid in the winds
still, frozen,disorientated
weary birds,your thoughts

your rivers of hope sulk
on finding their dead ends
with civilizational trash
why sully the mountains

for who's liberation
just falls a hapless tree
can one dodge the ocean
the deluge wouldn't agree

your heart it hardly melts
each end of the world does
life is not a desert
of plastic entertainments!

deserted woods of asphalt
so mocked a grass weed flower
(until the human crushed her)
under his synthetic soles../original/z.g.


  1. Hi Zoya, I hope your weekend is going well. I found the lines "your heart it hardly melts / each end of the world does" to be so powerful. Everything about us is melting except that one person's heart.

  2. "Synthetic soles"--synthetic souls--can't feel the pain you describe. Perhaps that is the grief of desertion. Thanks for this.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  3. Wow, this has a such a great driving beat, the rhythm is magnificent.

  4. Ya know, zoya, I read your poem and at first I say "What?" Then again I read it because I believe there is something there...and strangely there is meaning and I'm delighted! :)

  5. Like the teach, I read this over a few times, not sure what you were saying. I think you are talking about our species wreaking havoc on the earth... is that right? There's great passion and pain here. I like it. I think it needs a different title, though.

  6. This prompt is heavy. I felt that sadness while writing and now reading yours. Grief cannot be described.


  7. You write the most fascinating words. I always go back and re-read it at least three times. And love it three times.

  8. deserted woods of asphalt... scary thought...

  9. "weary birds,your thoughts" is the line that made me read the poem through. I really enjoy seeing your words unfold--sometimes they remind me of Bjork (Iceland) who always seems to come up with new ways to express words of emotional content because she approaches the language from a different angle.

  10. After three reading, I read it aloud. It was an entirely different experience. I found the beginnings and ends of the thoughts and was especially moved by

    ". . . your heart it hardly melts each end of the world does . . ."

    So bleak.

  11. Beautiful lied of (self) destruction.

  12. Surely, the earth cries out in desertion here. These are strong words of truth.

  13. Andree..Sandy Carlson..Pam..The Teach..Raven _Till the point of Raven's visit the caption was 'deserted'
    (no hint to the purport)/no words in italics/no reference to Green Peace/-Minus any suggested leads Raven hit the nail on its' head- 'you are talking about our species wreaking havoc on the earth... is that right?'Dead Right.i was much impressed with the keenness of understanding with which all of you approach any
    work of writing.-Gautami Tripathi,Teri C,One More Believer,Quiet Paths,Annie,Spacedlaw,MyBellavia-as always,
    hugely value your opinions and always thankful..