Sunday, May 25, 2008


campus reflections - -

the rdx biologies
of lcd screen goddesses
do imbalance the chemistry
of peer group psychology

the centrifugal forces
between the teacher and the taught
design the vision and optics
of astronomical dreams

the sting of dwindling discipline
theology, ethics and sin
continue to fox and hound
bosses of the social sciences

enlightenment , education
elation , emancipation
shrink to an anti depressant
over classroom situations

the dean of anthropology
over ifs and buts reflecting
views the prescribed pill pensively
thinks , and thinks again ..


[ Ed --
Line 4 : of peer group psychologies
Line 5 : as the centrifugal forces
Line 8 : of raw astronomical dreams
Line 11: just continue to fox and hound
Line 18: over ifs and whys reflecting
Line 20 : wonders,thinks,and reflects again ]

Monday, May 19, 2008

bleeding hearts

a loss loss match of snooker
starts and a game gets rolling
the Cue of causation strikes
colorful sentiments crash
till a ball of tears sinks
into grief's waiting pocket
the eyes' secret treasure box
hides these pearls of emotion
they become glittering dew drops
this jewellery on blossoms of pain
just how the bleeding hearts bloom!..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

'warm veneers cold bluffs'

In a hermits white robes
cloak unholy notions

with crafty poetic verse
veil sterile emotions

when the heart's down under
on your face wear a smile

trade skin deep affections
beat Broadway by a mile!

be the enemy within
like a friendly impostor

and shroud vested interests
in love's roller coaster

a cold or a warm vibe
as circumstances ask

camouflage to survive
for every need a mask!../original/z.g.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

'deserted' woods

[To those who hope like Green Peace]

Now your lungs keep burnin'
there's acid in the winds
still, frozen,disorientated
weary birds,your thoughts

your rivers of hope sulk
on finding their dead ends
with civilizational trash
why sully the mountains

for who's liberation
just falls a hapless tree
can one dodge the ocean
the deluge wouldn't agree

your heart it hardly melts
each end of the world does
life is not a desert
of plastic entertainments!

deserted woods of asphalt
so mocked a grass weed flower
(until the human crushed her)
under his synthetic soles../original/z.g.