Saturday, November 8, 2008

paradox. [OSI]

' breathing a paradox '

what ought to be ought not to be
this matter of the mind is grey
society's a different jungle
look-alike predators and prey

touch now the birth touch now the death
teeter-totter contradictions
wonder why the sober dodder
undiscernable addictions

clings to the ground grasping the sky
my house is on the horizon
bits of a night bits of a day
twilight embers,burn,in autumn ..



  1. undiscernable addictions...what a great way to speak about paradox. Thank you for this, Zoya.

  2. Paradoxes can be lions to wrestle with.
    I enjoyed your poem, thank you for sharing it!

  3. You handled the subject beautifully here. Decisive in the ambiguity.

  4. What ought to be ought not to be....I think we find this to be very true on the road to some kind of happiness. What will satisfy us will upset the cosmic apple cart.

  5. your words remind me of those moments of mental struggle, when my mind is all a ruckus, when i cannot get a moment of clarity on something

  6. This one had such a great feel. It express this cra life so well.

  7. I understand the meaning of paradox even better after reading this. Thanks.

  8. I like your sober dodder. Did you know that Runyon's dodder or Cuscuta runyonii is exclusive to Texas?
    The dodder is also classified as a noxious weed in the United States (try for eradication).
    I'd be sober too if I were sentenced to destruction. Perhaps fly away? No, it clings to the ground and just holds to the sky!

  9. i like the last part. it sounded hopeful

  10. dear Jim,
    dodder also means to falter in step
    and if death be destruction all mortality stands sentenced to it
    & god, as the creator, would know the difference between a weed and a house
    but still,ur views are wonderful..

  11. what ought to be ought not to be..
    I like this poetry and the way it begins.:)

    Just posted mine. Cheers!

  12. Great job! Paradox is clear in your words.

  13. I just admire that last verse and really understand it in my heart. Thank you.

  14. Nice work, Zoya. This is interesting subject matter.

  15. i like the rhythm of this poem ... great take on the prompt. peace, jp/deb

  16. wonder why the sober dodder
    undiscernable addictions

    nice. the quibbles people do are quite quaint.