Sunday, December 28, 2008

stardust .(osi)

' breathing in the dust ' ..

an arctic of loneliness
the mystical grief of hills
separation a desert
but a merger is the sea

trees of yearning rise and sway
fondness in field and fallow
with stardust in earthen eyes
touches the gaze of the moon ..


[ Ed : Line 5 _ trees of desire rise and sway ]


  1. I imagine the trees reaching up to touch those stars, and I sense magic in the vast world you describe.

  2. What a scene these words paint!

  3. Dear zoya--
    You took stardust in such a different direction--a romantic you are!

    Really liked how you had stardust be the magic that allows the eyes to see...

    Many thanks--

  4. You've done a brilliant job, interpreting this prompt Zoya, bravo!!!!

  5. I imagine someone reaching out but feeling too far away, like the moon, unreachable

  6. A beautiful, almost fairytale scene conjured up here. Marvellous.

  7. the first line is so perfect -- an arctic of loneliness!

  8. the mystical grief of hills... wonderful...

  9. This is good. I really love this line: the mystical grief of hills - wow! Sadness and magic together...

  10. loved that second line. TRuly wonderful..

    playing for pleasing the moon

    And please do visit Poetry Train being run each Monday!

  11. Hi z--
    I woke up this morning thinking about your poem, had to come back for another read.

    Don't know how to say this...but I hope you are ok? No matter what you feel, you're so close to a breakthough of consciousness, that we who are removed from you can feel it...

    Just wanted to say that--apologies if it feels weird to to you!

  12. hi beth,
    i'm warmed by ur thoughtfulness & am ok!
    thank u sounds inept but have to..

  13. (Sorry. This may be a second comment.) I love the magical feel of this and the depth which brings thought to the heart!

  14. I like how you mention all the earthly things like hills and fields, etc. in unique and clever ways!

  15. I have to read your poem over and over and still it takes me away. Truly magical!

  16. Brilliant! Love the personalization of Earth. Truly, this is wonderful.

  17. ..deeply thankful to everyone of u-
    best wishes for a very happy new year!..

  18. Hi Zoya, this (2nd) is a wonder recipe for feeling high as the moon. Desire, fondness, and a little stardust will do it every time.
    It may even turn to love.

    Thanks for the nice send off,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 *^_^*

  19. I get from this a deep desire of the earth--and the things of earth--for the stars, the moon perhaps? A wanting to come full circle?

    It's very lovely, even if I did misinterpret!

  20. There's an earthbound quality to this. i like that you've taken the prompt in a different direction.

  21. Rich imagery, resonant with mystery! Love the last stanza, the sense of relationship, even in loneliness - in particular, the phrase that got to me was 'fallow with stardust in earthen eyes/ touches the gaze of the moon'. The sense of the mutuality of awareness in gaze. Lovely!