Sunday, April 27, 2008


.. [:luminous fireflies:engulfed in darkness:
Flowering lights!]..

stacking up warm accessories
and packing up magic moments
for cold could be her journey
to this unacquainted limbo

sweet squabbles over dinners
soulful tie ups with flowers
gossip brewin' coffee breaks
a garage band's fumin' angst

yet the most nostalgic crumb's
a grand kid's comic tantrums
at this facility for the old
so much like home,she's told

but not quite home she knows
eyes approach the sedate snows
to bury the sail away freedoms
of the summers her life'd known

now flowering memories tango
to the songs of yesterday../original/z.g.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


a quirky unlit alley
of emotions distraught
'nother metaphor taught,
the drowsy eyed 'gators
of depressive thoughts

they yawn wide open
as if to gobble up
an entire being,ah,yes
one does want to cling
to a someone, something

but wouldn't they respond
on this day that's dawned
past a school shoot out
and, i am a survivor
'tis not a triumph.. /original/z.g.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


[:a colorful life/or a life with colors
POVs of the color-blind]

spring outside but
the mood stays trapped
well wrapped, in autumn and,
In the “right” side of my mind
the broken half of the moon
of a myriad stupid desires
is hooked to a leafless branch
of desolate quiet circumstance,
yet my smile can’t be robbed
for a zillion starry shimmers
keep croonin’ on, an antiphon,
and echo to a breath’s quivers
to keep my kindergarten whims
to the colors of spring outside!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

'glory'-.."to a dog lost"..

In bleak light his flickering eyes
kick through the smoke
watchful legs appraise
the carpet of death beneath

my brain speaks the gibberish
of the kids back home
the taste of 'what if'
a bubblegum of thoughts
in my mouth

his nose can hear the footsteps
of death
my ears can smell the warning
in his bark
hark hark
the explosion


a flame,a candle
what dog handler
could handle
hollowed by a landmine
was a dog's grave


[reads an epitaph story
a dog's life
ends in glory-ED]

Saturday, April 12, 2008


a stranded note
pines for music!
piano keys
trembling fingers
console stranded melodies!
[post edited after QP'S visit,her comments don't refer to the above] /original/.zg.*2nd thoughts.["stranded"1st >.april8>below]

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


the within and without
sounds cliched
interior and exterior
more so!
so what!
shying away from crowds
an agoraphobic mind!
at crossroads with
a claustrophobic heart!
seeking the outdoors
open spaces!
between the inside
and outside of a world
the oxygen of what
we think and feel
inhale and exhale
is sometimes "stranded"! /original/z.g.

a small cup of tea

and always crossed!
no 'capital' punishment
of the vertical line
'being hanged'
to the horizontal
'executed' as a 'BIG' T
for the small 't'
a small cup of tea
crosses my mind,
and if found empty
just asks to be filled
with a heartwarming brew
so why review
this sugary 'excuse'
to get together!../original/z.g.

Friday, April 4, 2008

a spring in my walk!

His windmill
blades will
blow off the blues
as warm pink hues
form a nebular haze
of happiness!
no gloom can eclipse
what He can endow!
for the time now
is a season of tulips!
omgosh!PINK TULIPS.. /original/z.g.