Tuesday, August 19, 2008


christmas is a long way away
she is planning the homecoming
the turkeys and the surprises
the baloons,the curtains,the toys
the cards,the dresses and the shoes
but you cannot plan the laughter
or the happy chaos that spreads
across a sizzling dancing floor
to the rythms of flamenco
the sounds of the roma gypsies
the homeless wandering minstrels
christmas is some distance away..



  1. You brought all the joy of Christmas home to me. Beautiful!

  2. a most enjoyable christmas homecoming of the homeless roma gypsies...

  3. 'but you cannot plan the laughter'...that is so true!

  4. This was wonderful! What a unique take on this prompt. Well done.


  5. i long for christmas and its home spells!

  6. I guess we can only provide for joy and merriment, but they have to be allowed to happen on their own. I wonder if this why the Holiday Season is so depressing to so many people-we try so hard to make something happen that is largely out of our control-and it doesn't help that a lot of it is built on materialism.
    Thank you for sharing your poem.

  7. Ah, the joy that can't--perhaps won't--be planned!

  8. This is very insightful; a person definitely cannot orchestrate the mood.

  9. Christmas is a home bound, family bound, seasonal bound festivity; to others every day is a festival. Share the laughter when it visits with you.

  10. What a sad mood you have created. your Christmas has all the trimmings and worldly goods but is full of many empty things we have made of it.
    In general it is not a happy time for me although I must make it so for my family and friends.
    I see your understanding of what really happens in life with your perfect line "the homeless wandering minstrels" for whom "christmas is some distance away". Very powerful line.Well done!

  11. So very true, and even when we don't expect wonders, it is still easy to feel let down.

  12. sweet, holiday at home is always either really really wonderful or really really not so wonderful but nevertheless, family is family

  13. ..Thank Each One of U for the navigation U provide..