Saturday, January 31, 2009

SLOWLY. (osi.)

' the elusive antithesis of haste '

slowly breaks the dawn,slowly builds the day,slowly thaws a dusk,slowly

kids humanize ' the wall '
graffiti vent kafka
ghettoes upstage beckett
and search for life slowly

slowly raps the wind,slowly rants the rain,slowly grasps a love ,slowly

a chewing gum bubble
how much truth does it hold
young thoughts memories old
exhaled inhaled slowly

slowly steps the soul,slowly flows the pulse ,slowly rocks a breath ,slowly

bach strains in peacock cries
flowers with van gogh hues
passions in the fragrance
would come to life slowly

slowly falls the night ,slowly skips the moon ,slowly rolls a star,slowly


['the wall':pink floyd ~musician ~ " We don't need no education - We dont need no thought control -
- No dark sarcasm in the classroom " - -
// Franz Kafka (1883-1924). -. ' Czech-born German-speaking writer whose posthumously published novels express the alienation of 20th century man & whose works explore the existential philosophy of the absurd and the surreal ' // Beckett, Samuel : playwright-poet~ "he presents the experience of waiting and struggling with a pervading sense of futility" & portrays "The anguish of persisting in a meaningless world " ]

Saturday, January 24, 2009

if only i had time.(osi)

' fractured hourglass '

face the blues in irises fine
gaze at an infinitude shine
interface with galactic joys
without purpose,reason or rhyme

if only i had time

hitchhiking on nomadic clouds
a way away from 'madding crowds' *
join a shamen or the maci
shadow a lion in his prime

if only i had time

grasp the fun of a grizzly roll
watch a giant panda cajole
and bend a bamboo shoot so green
as laughter becomes life's enzyme

if only i had time

count the stairs at khajuraho
ascend the hills of idaho
in a consciousness of no curbs
echo that one moment sublime

if only i had time

assimilate the words unfurled
in an ordinary people's world
and look for splinters of the heart
in a rubble of dreams and grime

if only i had time ..


[khajuraho~temples of india built during 9th-11th century AD -divinity sculpted in intimate postures~symbolizing 'the attainment of the spiritual through the physical'/khajuraho hosts a festival of classical indian dance forms annually * Far from the Madding Crowd (1874)~ Thomas Hardy]

Saturday, January 17, 2009

fading memories.(osi)

' that sepia autumn'

a pulse reverberating
with the whims of the lifeforms
a heart's wildernesses locked
in love's untoned negatives

till the darkroom of those eyes
delivers the living truths
washed in the lunar silver
done positive as daylight

letting crestfallen vowels
inked on my paper-boat fade
and drown in the amnesia
of time's lethean drop of dew ..

[image courtesy:designedtoat]

Saturday, January 10, 2009

a summer's day. (osi)

' whims on my paper boats '

inverting winter's viduity
this highway is a golden ray
changing lingos of the earth's spin
a warm cadence of gypsy winds

all icy unspoken sorrows
become warblers or the swallows
in a festival of twitters
the banter of aster petals

ripples home a blue resonance
distant yachts like boats of paper
etched with the solar alphabet
of a summer day's nostalgia ..


Sunday, January 4, 2009

skin .(osi)

' underneath an onion '

for love poured from a cloud's skin
souls drenched like a rainforest
wet clothes set beings afire
so green was the yellow leaf

earthy sensualities
the impulse of a caress
fondled by a gentle wave
every craving grain of sand

from behind the freckles peeked
winter suns and summer moons
each wrinkle a narrative
voicing an ode,lament,song

the mind peeled an onion *
skin after skin after skin
searching for elusive truths
existing somewhere beyond ..


[the notion of 'peeling an onion' can be referred to-

1Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa~Precepts (1836-1886)
2Gunter Grass's Peeling the Onion / memoir
3Ruth Gordon Peeling the Onion: An Anthology of Poems
4Peeling the Onion - Wendy Orr
5Peeling the Onion; Poems of Spiritual Awakening: George, E James
& possibly more] (-lines 3,4,7 &15-edited/april18.09 /-
-further ED - peek & peels > peeked -peeled -april19.09 )