Sunday, March 29, 2009

smoke. osi

' fumes '

an arson without fire
minus matchstick or flame
keeps her heart smoldering
as the eyes gather smoke

rings,not always golden #

adrift the rings of grey
are lies being puffed out
of burning cigarettes
forming vicious circles

fumes, in many ways, fog *

cloud on a hill far off
the magic of distance
enhancing the beauty
but one knows volcanoes

have a mind of their own ..


[past cmnt 10 /# *addendum-rings,not always golden/fumes, in many ways,fog]

Monday, March 23, 2009

equals. (osi)

..' and a poem dies '

this is an african poem

minus anti retrovirals
just blank verses on blank paper
hiv is an eraser
word by word vanishing it all *-

till a blankness equals blankness #-

no,not a jewel in the crown
this blade of grass that glints with dew
from the toils of the earth below
reflecting a dazzling glory

unlike drugs , it's available ..


[ ED-

-the words without immunity
get erased by the hiv *-
-and a blankness equals blankness #
--with due respect to sue's pov-just trying to improvise /
line no. 9 : from the mirth of earth down under
line no. 9 :re -ed : dec 18.2009.fri /
- from the toils of earth down under ]

[ the jewel in the crown- a paul scott novel ]

Monday, March 16, 2009

farewells. (osi)

' leaves '

i cannot say farewell
to this splash of color
the perfumes born to spring *
a surprise on my breath

the jazz in the birdcalls
this razzmatazz of green
i know it turns to rust
as it did last autumn

and i said just nothing ..


[* ED:-" to the perfumes that spring "]

Saturday, March 7, 2009

fork in the road-(osi)


this seed of existence
forks out into roots
a survival logic
invents its options

thus a living quest
keeps branching upwards
the bifurcations lead
maybe to a dead end

or a destination
of the vibrant green leaf
a happy flower
springing from the earth

on the road to fragrance ..


Sunday, March 1, 2009


' adolescence '

little boy time spinning his top

turning the gold and silver wheels
of a teenager's bicycle
rolls on till the end of the road

a pebble of adolescence
drops into the deep still waters
stirs life's unknown eternity

reaching out to embrace the earth
a magical exuberance
ripples in concentric circles

spinning his top little boy time ..


[ED-stanza 3-
' ripples in concentric circles
a magical exuberance
reaches out to embrace the earth ' /

addendum-/ line 1- little boy time spinning his top]