Sunday, November 23, 2008

childhood memories .[osi]


the mirror throws back
harry potter faces
a ghost in the attic
hip hops as a shadow
the backyard tells-tales
of alien hideouts
a sleuth of a dog
smells the neighbor's intent
mom rides a broomstick
when she's not an angel
dad's an utter monster
or a gothic hero
truthful graffiti
hands my childhood back..



  1. Wonderfully Gothic, in a gentle way.
    Enjoyed that.

  2. What an intriguing take on this prompt. Good one Zoya!!!! Hugs, G

  3. This was a bit spooky! When I was about 9 we moved into a 18 room 3-story house that use to be a hotel across the street from the beach. It had an attic and a basement that me and my sisters were absolutely sure were haunted! We scared ourselves silly, daily!

  4. So well done. The lines "when she's not an angel/
    dad's an utter monster" caught me and made me smile!

  5. you are a shape-shifter, zoya...

    thank you for this sweet piece!

  6. Oh, this is clever, chilling and warming! Lilting and lovely!

  7. This is a wonder of childhood fantasy and transformation - mirrors, ghosts, shadows, aliens, witches and monsters. I loved it!

  8. love the way this reads... as if passing pages in a book full of photos...