Tuesday, February 12, 2008

talking to ninanina

zoya gautam said...
dear nn,
sordid it indeed is..
and i do hope i would avoid a sham,
"put on' attitude,..

and refrain from sermonizing..
while i continue to tap
on the keyboard...

...trying to say that ..
art and history
can be so liberating ..
in their objectivity
..and perhaps
"mentally enabling"
in the sense
that they can
provide individuals with
a deeper insight of
the human mind,
free from any
ethnic or political bias..
time i reminded myself i am not in a classroom, cutting loose like an imaginatively free
"intelltectual phony"!!

dear nn,
can't help writing ,
a response from another continent
where i'm embarassed
to accept that
the daily news report
reads like a crime diary..

financial scams,rapes,murders
sale and purchase
of human organs...
u name it v have it..
no it's not africa or egypt or romania
or burma,indonesia or vietnam...
it's my beloved country..
the tragedy is "beloved'
here may be sounding
like black sardonic satire
but it is actually not.
..and as india..
the spiritual india
of poverty and disease..,
of growth,development,
technological advancement,
upward economic mobility,
corporate dreams and share market buzz
and of a recognizable
historical and cultural hertiage..
moves on..
i think of
roxana,cerebral palsy,
scabies,forced pregnancy...and nina nina ..and wish her well..z.g/p.s.>it may not be sounding like a poem;it is not!-no, it is actually not!!plain correspondence,that's it.z.g.

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  1. dear nn,
    ..can't afford to chicken out..do believe
    'cochins' would gleefully provide a warm backup chorus to that
    sentiment...the point is..once upon a time when i used to be a kid,
    i owned a black as the night dog, we all fondly called 'blackey'[sounds
    like a story;it is;only-it is true]..and those
    days my mom also reared or maintained a small little poultry at home.and

    that meant we would also have-eggs and--chickens!and therefore in the

    winter months the chicks
    would need to be incubated or sunbathed in the backyard at daytime,by

    gathering them
    together underneath canopies
    of small bamboo baskets
    ...enter 'blackey'
    -who was then a six to eight month old puppy or young dog[a cross breed
    german shepherd].without
    being trained in any manner,formal or informal, whatsoever he [blackey]

    had somehow assumed the role of a protector watchdog for those chickens,

    and being a passionate bodyguard
    for the chicks, would snarl back at and drive away
    whoever or whatsoever approached the bamboo incubaters,[save and except

    my mom]!
    ..as if this was
    not enough, one day blackey ventured upon some frolicking chickens
    in the neighbourhood,that did not belong to us,but believing them them to

    be stray chickens from our lot he
    started to grasp them in his mouth,like balls,and dropping and
    delivering them to our stock and thus adding on.....even as a kid i

    realized that technically
    this was theft but it enthralled me as it recreated images of cowboys of

    the wild west stealing cattle!more so so because blackey had in no way

    been trained to be a
    chicken lifter!
    ..but alas,my thrill over the 'achievements' of my dear dog was simply

    shortlived, as my
    mom knew enough arithmetics to discover
    the abrupt growth in chicken numbers;and then inevitably, as she handed

    back the chickens to our relieved neighbour,he duly admitted being

    happier about the mystery of the diappearing chicken being resolved

    rather than their actual recovery.those days we had no camcorders to

    record such stories..of blackey.. the untrained
    selfstyled bodyguard, of hapless helpless chicken!

    ..luv..c/u. z.g.

    2:38 PM