Saturday, August 30, 2008


sensuous breezes croon
and touch a leaf with song

flower the sun and moon
every moment fragrant

an ocean's mystic tune
seen the sea in the wave

the aching heart would swoon
so taste a cuckoo's call

the summer skies of june
hear the radiance laugh

the five frolicking flames
set alight the senses

for love is all around..


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


christmas is a long way away
she is planning the homecoming
the turkeys and the surprises
the baloons,the curtains,the toys
the cards,the dresses and the shoes
but you cannot plan the laughter
or the happy chaos that spreads
across a sizzling dancing floor
to the rythms of flamenco
the sounds of the roma gypsies
the homeless wandering minstrels
christmas is some distance away..


Saturday, August 16, 2008

~unresolved~[ spectacle]

[last week jumped the gun for "spectacle'.
this week it's 'resolve'.trying to address both.]/AUG 24:/OSI 'RESOLVE'


behold the appearance of love
resolve a monalisa smile
the tajmahals carved of the moon
as dawn drops her tresses of gold
or dusk blushes, her cheeks on fire
the beauty of nirvana's truths
fill a grand canyon of desire
blindfolded,see a blind man's view
through the vision of sightlessness
the visual of the within
it was never invisible
perhaps red,green or blue on show
whoever caught a glimpse would know
behold the spectacle of love!..

RESOLVE(2)[IF time permits!]
'A Brush With Goya'*~

a wrinkled carrier
like a leather kayak
capsized,and frozen #
unworldly lifelessness

an overturned shoe
grief had bitten through
its' sole to open up
poverty's hidden doors

a cheap cigarette butt
lying alongside
voicelessly narrates
the burnt out hardship

will the brain resolve
to step into that shoe
for 'nother spectacle
of a so called conscience..

/[*Goya:spanish artist]/#modified:capsized,it faces-aug25

Saturday, August 9, 2008


the blind solitude of the night
the 'stairway to heaven' fades out #
your whispers arrive in ripples
talk of the sun's drizzling gold
the fluid silver of moonshine
azure joys where the souls sail free
the green of life on lithe branches
my mystical lotus eater
for less than a moment hear me
there's a world of persephone
of penia and hades and plutus
each day descend thirty thousand
the children WHO* die of hunger
who could not ascend the stairways
to a distant planet called earth

the hieroglyphs of poverty
the flowers that do not blossom

my mind,save a whisper for them..

[*world health organization
#Led Zeppelin]

Saturday, August 2, 2008

folly :/{the freedom & civil rights movements}

not distinguishing
first person singular
from third person plural
peculiar grammar

where the punctuation
was the hope and struggle
the idiom was pain
the syntax was a dream

luther king and gandhi
their obtuse expression
the folly of a tongue
where "i" stood for ' them'

they stood for liberty
La langue d'amour