Sunday, December 28, 2008

stardust .(osi)

' breathing in the dust ' ..

an arctic of loneliness
the mystical grief of hills
separation a desert
but a merger is the sea

trees of yearning rise and sway
fondness in field and fallow
with stardust in earthen eyes
touches the gaze of the moon ..


[ Ed : Line 5 _ trees of desire rise and sway ]

Monday, December 22, 2008

a winter's day. (osi)

..'a warm winter'

a path clad in velvet white
naked branches unashamed
a cantata in stillness
it sings of you, i sing too

the sun on a hiatus
the coming home is early
so a fire crackles with glee
togetherness to sing to..


Saturday, December 13, 2008

distractions. (osi)

' vegas '

chance is a hotel blind
an armchair of habit
senses mortgaged to hope
a creditcard of words

dine on a course of fears
do smoke a pipe of whims
but time's cost is rising
to be paid for with life

vegas undistracted
obfuscates semantics
this dialect so dicy
just lies undeciphered ..


Sunday, December 7, 2008

doodles. (osi)

' mundanity '

a puny sun trots on paper skies
that squelching on the slush
laughs with the gurgle
of a washing machine ,
thoughts of antibiotics
mingle with the school-time rush ,
with the white and yellow ,
give the omelette a tan ,
and talk of the summer ,
under a cloud's doodle
moms' daily artwork
alive and kicking ..

/original/z.g. (

[embarrassed with the protracted stupidity of my original entry, transferred "here' (the brave can click 'here' to see it), felt i had to edit it & try to be less punishing on the reader(s)/regret the inconvenience caused]

{ Re- Ed :- / dec 18.2009.fri
- Line 6 :- and school are whipped up
- Line 8 :- the tan on the omelette
- Line 9 :- talks of the summer }

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

welcoming .(osi)


poured out of a kalashnikov
food for the diners
the floor of the restaurant
a canvas of death
bullets scratch the wall
calligraphing the terror
a grenade explodes
throwing up in flames
a dream,a hope,a life
forming a cloud of smoke
outside a man awaits
afraid and fearful
will he be welcoming
his wife through the carnage
a rattle of gunfire
colder than november..*

(*november 26.08_terror attacks mumbai)