Sunday, October 26, 2008


' the page turns '

this light
no prisoner to the moon
the night stabs me
with a whispered tremor
of reflection
silhouettes of sensuality
with the flowers & seasons
of your being
no price attached
no transaction this
just an endowment
a jewel hangs
from black eyelashes
you read a page
from erich segal's
love story
in resonance
with different autumns..


Saturday, October 18, 2008

never ending.(osi)

'never ending'

it has all the names and no name
no clock ticks to no dimensions
merges happiness with sorrow
inside the senses but beyond

smaller than nano yet immense
how was it born when will it die
tied to belief still free of it
it is inert and kinetic

becomes the form and the formless
at once manifest and hidden
exists in life and lifelessness
an expression lighter than light

sought after yet seeking to be
at one with the infiniteness
constant in the momentary
unfathomable eternal..

{~ideas of the 'brahma' or the eternal~who was, is and always will be -from indian theology -[vedas,puranas,upanishads,the bhagwad gita]-the word-'an expression'-is brahma}
Frawley, David. “Gods, Sages, and Kings” Salt Lake City, Utah: Passage Press, 1991
Frawley, David. “Astrology of the Seers” Twin Lakes, Wisconsin: Lotus Press, 2000 /

Saturday, October 11, 2008

gold .(osi)

sunflowers and callendulas
let this gold sprout,spring and blossom
drink and dance on the flaming hues
what hummingbirds what butterflies

memories like a retriever
fetch the spinning frisbees of time
they wag a golden tail and bark
to fill silences with fondness

a sundowner's glowing amber
sipping the dusk till it is dawn
a river of gold becomes the bridge
across the night and sees it gone..


Saturday, October 4, 2008



Café conversations
Day to day contemplations

See through
The insinuations of colors
Hear the bossa nova
Of the giggles
Changing step
With the aromas
Dancin’ around

to Feel
The inexplicable touch
Of warmth and tenderness
(alluded to as life)
In the palms
Of affinity

Sips the brew
This ink
Never dries
I savor
The yummy taste
Of someone’s poem

Looking for expressions
I find life..