Tuesday, March 18, 2008

expression in slow motion..

Many lilies and hollyhocks,
gerberas and chrysanthymums,
scents of muffled up fancies flowed,
musky wishful imaginings,flowered

and blossomed in the enclosures
of my mind.
A canopy of reason
to escape the acid rain.

A hedge of hawthorn,
to resist being trampled upon
and that done,
a good ol' garden gate,

which however,
those tresspassing thoughts
to mingle and congregate.

my hedge of hawthorn,
took a long long while
to find its full expression,

joked someone
is it autistic,
artistic,may be!
and yet i got drawn

to a moment, bygone
when a crown, the Christ had worn
of the thorns of hawthorn !../original/z.g//

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