Sunday, September 27, 2009



her changed contact lenses
transparent as truth
see through opaque lies
the charred black surfaces
of burnt out grasslands
till a green alphabet
sprouts on the parched earth
the goldenness of the corn
makes breakfast of the day
the porcelain cup of the moon
serves a drink of purplish grapes
her vision is colorless
like pure water or air
as the prism of my mind
it could bend the truth
or find a rainbow
in the black and the white
of her eyes that i read
like the verse that she is ..

/ original / z.g.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


fogs hollywood

leafless branches and twigs
craft out a sign language
delicate fingerwork
weaves patterns into the mist
the autumn lexicon
articulates loneliness
the wind voices that story
a smoke without fire
descends upon a city
of burnt desires
a cloud understands
the fall of spirits
renounces the sky
and settles on the earth ..

/ original / z.g.

" Fog has a mystical feeling.
Like the heavens have come down
to envelop the world and soften it "
~ Lisa at Greenbow
( excerpt from her cmnt at sandy carlson's poem for this prompt )

[ Ed -

Lines 1 to 6 - Rearranged
Line 3 - that delicate fingerwork
Line 7 -the wind voices their story
Line 13 - renouncing the sky
Line 14 - settles on the earth ]

Saturday, September 12, 2009



these breakers are granulated
wave after wave of them
sands shift like liminal spaces
primitive skeletons
question life and death
in the kalahari of existence
i play with the illusion
not to let a hope die
drinking in the mirage
in search of what is real
on the right side of the mind
i believe as you do
clear waters of the soul
flow as a brook there
what's left of the brain
remains unquenchable ..

/ original / z.g.

[ Edit :

Line 5 -form surreal images / deleted
Line 6 -questioning life and death
Line 7 - like goya's black paintings / deleted
Line 11 - going after that vision / deleted
Line 12- seeking what is real
Line 18 -what's left of my mind ]

Sunday, September 6, 2009


recession _ (2009)..

read between the wrinkles
oneirophrenic tales
in the cafeteria
geriatric voices
discuss the recession
i pretend not to hear
won't last long, she says
might outlast us, he laughs
an argument ensues
over chicken rolls
her favorite dish
but wants his ordered
fall's almost here
must save for the winter
she explains,he yields
like a leaf in autumn
to a living gravity
my cup of coffee, like life
blends into a romance
the bitter and the sweet
around me ..

/ original / z.g.

(editing- line 17 -to the pull of a being ,
like life - moved from line 19 to line 18
added line 21 -around me )