Sunday, May 25, 2008


campus reflections - -

the rdx biologies
of lcd screen goddesses
do imbalance the chemistry
of peer group psychology

the centrifugal forces
between the teacher and the taught
design the vision and optics
of astronomical dreams

the sting of dwindling discipline
theology, ethics and sin
continue to fox and hound
bosses of the social sciences

enlightenment , education
elation , emancipation
shrink to an anti depressant
over classroom situations

the dean of anthropology
over ifs and buts reflecting
views the prescribed pill pensively
thinks , and thinks again ..


[ Ed --
Line 4 : of peer group psychologies
Line 5 : as the centrifugal forces
Line 8 : of raw astronomical dreams
Line 11: just continue to fox and hound
Line 18: over ifs and whys reflecting
Line 20 : wonders,thinks,and reflects again ]


  1. These lines:
    the centrifugal forces
    between the teacher and the taught
    grabbed me! Your poem creates a feeling of centrifugal force. From my own experience I know this engagement can be good and exhilerating or just plan awful! This is a wonderful take on "reflecting." Thanks
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  2. I lend an ear to many stories of frustrations of teacher and of student. My nephew, the teacher, and my niece, the college student, have quite different perspectives as they each struggle to teach and to learn. Your poem is an interesting reflection, indeed.

  3. I love how this poem dissects the laboratory of the classroom with all its artificial relationships. Nice.

  4. your poem reminds me so much of the words that tumbled out of my daughters mouth her first week home from college this spring! (she wasn't quite so poetic, but you certainly captured it!)

  5. I especially like the last stanza. Your poem requires more coherent thought than I'm capable of today. I will read it again tomorrow.

  6. I come from a chemistry/maths and teaching background so your poem had resonances for me. Lovely cocktail of words too.

  7. You seem to have covered all bases on the campus. And all the emotions. Lovely and enjoyable as always.

  8. Quite amusing. Love the thought of the "prescribed pill."

  9. fully-loaded!!! excellent reflections of today's campus...

  10. I enjoy all your word play, at the same time sympathizing with the frustrated teacher who needs the prescribed pill!

  11. Just the way I remember it.... great use of words! :)

  12. Thanks so much for your kind words at Sacred Ruminations and for leaving the link back here to your wonderful poetic reflection on teaching! I enjoy writing and reading rhythmic poetry with rhyme patterns almost as much as Haiku … and yours generates ‘energy’ while evoking ‘memories’ of my life as a teacher … reminding me of the ‘gratitude’ I feel in retirement.
    Hugs and blessings,