Saturday, November 15, 2008

courage .[OSI]

[courage ~(is to go on when you know you can't:school mag quote) ]

' watchin' the sunset '

ever seen a dyin' sun
dropping slowly,so slowly
into the unfamiliar
and a face crimson with pain
as the red of one's own blood
pales into colorlessness
fades away the dusk
a mom holds her son
with a sundowner's syndrome
words dissolve into silence
shouldn't i melt with the sunset
for my dwindling courage does
just watchin' the sun go down
and i feel the going down ..



  1. A different approach to Sunsets!-it takes courage sometimes to face the night.

  2. Night can be a thing to face with courage, certainly. Usually when the days offer little, too.
    A deep and poignant entry, this.

  3. I feel the agony of this poem. So difficult!

  4. interesting, to me your poem speaks about the cirumstances in which courage is lost rather than found...

  5. Deborah Godin said...

    Beautiful words and images on the OSI prompt Courage. I like the interplay between 'son' and 'sun'.
    November 16, 2008 7:23 AM

  6. Dear zoya--
    your poem goes right to the heart of courage--it's not a feeling. it's a response to something that challenges us to our core.

    This is beautiful. Thank you. It made my heart break open for today...

  7. I am a night person, I hope I never get sundowner's syndrome. I do not like the dark and always have a nightlight and a backup light available at all times.
    It is nice to have a caretaker who has courage to face a person's problems with them, I am happy for your child who does. So many desert rather than accept the role of caretaker.
    My poem was an attempt to be dark and strange but not real heavy. Usually mine are intended to be cheerful with a touch of humor.

  8. ..dear Jim,
    thank u for ur thoughtful cmnts.this poem
    is not about my child's something i've seen about a mom & a son,(any mom & a son ie)

  9. I can feel the struggle going on in this poem. A wonderful job of capturing the image of courage.

  10. i used to work with elderly patients & i must say that your words express something so deep & real that they feel. this is so touching & beautiful

  11. Nice work! I experienced this for a while - it's a pleasure to see it captured this way.

  12. words dissolve into silence
    shouldn't i melt with the sunset

    these words the forerunners of courage. Thank you.

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  14. Your words touched me deeply Zoya. Wow....