Friday, February 29, 2008

subjective v/s objective subjectivity

..on a platform..sitting on a static train

saw and perceived myself..
to be in motion,travelling..

obviously,it was the train alongside that was...
a mere illusion of 'having been moved'
and therefore no 'locus standi' on that count..

the distinction between 'perceptions' and 'realities'
'statics' and 'dynamics'
is sometimes the POV{point of view}..

..just as you and me,travelling alongside
on two separate trains,in the same direction
.consider.. or..visualize the other
to be 'motionless'

from a refracted angle, many a times
my stillness
has been my journey!... hypothetical?
perhaps~as may be.
in the often misunderstood
theories of relativity

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