Saturday, September 27, 2008

fleeting .osi


Got caught
In this quirky circumstance
Of the unlit alleys of distraught emotions
And unexplained phobias
Where drowsy eyed 'gators of depressive thoughts
Yawn wide open in their readiness
To gobble up an entire being
Where wave after wave
Of hushed,hypocritical corporate conversations
Sound like deafening cacophonies
Where you become a kid once more
Wanting to cling to someone
Or something that's never there
The day after a school shootout
Where closed mindsets decide what 'good' is
Which is actually not
Where..the colossus of gigantic business interests
Feeds on a collection of puny little solitary dreams
Like a whale devouring those shoals of tiny fishes
Where.a.tight lipped, hawk eyed jury
Chills you
To the marrow of your bones
For an opportunity that you lose out upon
Where relationships are deemed to be investments
That fluctuate with current price indices
Yet somehow
Out of this 'black hole'..
My thoughts and ideas escape
Like unchained,playful bumblebees
And butterflies seeking to interact with wild flowers
'nother faceless nobody
In the fleeting twirls
And the crazy swirls
Of an ephemeral whirlwind
Inside my TV..

[from an earlier draft]

Saturday, September 20, 2008



swollen pumpkin dreams turn to frost
choreographing the loneliness
bare limbed trees mime abstract dance forms
one shaky leaf enacts the fall

summer leaves a different color
this rusted brown amber of wine
see his sad alcoholic eyes
just the autumn every season..

{:before assuming the pen name " zoya"// -noun:fem:_ [ internet sources ~ translate "zoya" as-life-alive- "searcher"- or God's gift-] //- i had penned ~ ages back~ [in college] my first ever ' poem? '* in english~between then and the commencement of my blog in feb 2008, i had not written a single poem - none ( in english).~{"do not write poetry if you can help it"is a quote i like to remember.. this sombre (scribbled at 17) 'poem?-'autumn memories'*-posted > here(click)] - could make u laugh!~(incidentally, i'm born to hindu brahmin parents ,with a liberal mind set :.ref :long time ago question by Geraldine[MPP] "like ur first name"- 'zoya'~ (-it holds no religious connotations)- }
{ps:{sep22-12.14am IST}the said poem? 'autumn memories' can be read at:}

Saturday, September 13, 2008



the optimism titanic

sinks inside my whimsical bones

panic inside a closed cabin

the voyaging maverick yearnings

the chaos of impending doom

strips bare the facades and the truths

hanging on to the most precious

beauty of a beloved's dream

from the wreckage emerge stories

of unending love and desire

within a survivor's heartbeat

seeds of resilience blossom

become the flowers of laughter

alive with the fragrance of life

my pessimism's nemesis

this optimism titanic..


Saturday, September 6, 2008

'defenses down'

the soft drizzles of hope
no thwarting umbrellas
sunshine,a clear truth
need no colored glasses
chuck the wind cheater off
the spirit rides the breeze
roll n roll on the snow
earth's creamy playground
defenses down greet
the wind, rain and snow
and a beaming sun
see,the children can
while the grown-ups dream *..

*[revised:our dream is their world-