Sunday, November 23, 2008

childhood memories .[osi]


the mirror throws back
harry potter faces
a ghost in the attic
hip hops as a shadow
the backyard tells-tales
of alien hideouts
a sleuth of a dog
smells the neighbor's intent
mom rides a broomstick
when she's not an angel
dad's an utter monster
or a gothic hero
truthful graffiti
hands my childhood back..


Saturday, November 15, 2008

courage .[OSI]

[courage ~(is to go on when you know you can't:school mag quote) ]

' watchin' the sunset '

ever seen a dyin' sun
dropping slowly,so slowly
into the unfamiliar
and a face crimson with pain
as the red of one's own blood
pales into colorlessness
fades away the dusk
a mom holds her son
with a sundowner's syndrome
words dissolve into silence
shouldn't i melt with the sunset
for my dwindling courage does
just watchin' the sun go down
and i feel the going down ..


Saturday, November 8, 2008

paradox. [OSI]

' breathing a paradox '

what ought to be ought not to be
this matter of the mind is grey
society's a different jungle
look-alike predators and prey

touch now the birth touch now the death
teeter-totter contradictions
wonder why the sober dodder
undiscernable addictions

clings to the ground grasping the sky
my house is on the horizon
bits of a night bits of a day
twilight embers,burn,in autumn ..


Saturday, November 1, 2008


' light '

the night consumes my existence
just a quaint nothingness
flickering echoes of my mind
like a chant voice your name

but through the blackness i see still
your myriad hues of love
the mutational colors of life
in undisguised beauty

as this lonely moonless darkness
a blessing in disguise
an absence defining the glow
of the light i crave for ..