Saturday, September 6, 2008

'defenses down'

the soft drizzles of hope
no thwarting umbrellas
sunshine,a clear truth
need no colored glasses
chuck the wind cheater off
the spirit rides the breeze
roll n roll on the snow
earth's creamy playground
defenses down greet
the wind, rain and snow
and a beaming sun
see,the children can
while the grown-ups dream *..

*[revised:our dream is their world-


  1. For a dare, we could do this: too many defenses might forbid us to enjoy the world - good or bad.

  2. To be like the children and play as you describe would be to live in a beautiful world.

  3. A good poem. It reminds of the thought that we get what we look for.

  4. It seems trite to just say I like this, but I do. Your poem evokes for me the broader array of defenses we hang onto against life, nature, letting go...

  5. We all need to let go of our inhibitions from time to time.
    You say it perfectly.

  6. Nice work - particularly the first two lines!


  7. Wonderful description of the inner child in all of us (well in me anyway), who longs be unself-conscious again, who longs to let go and just "be."

  8. Can I let my spirit ride the breeze? Sounds like fun, whether it is our inner child, our children, or ourselves.

  9. This is such a "take the world as it comes", carefree, ride the wind theme. I love its spirit. Those first lines were great and pulled me in.

  10. Easy to fall in and dream. Thanks for the read.

  11. A wonderful celebration of the physical.

  12. Welcome daily the world of nature and embrace it as if you were one with it. Make snow angels and walk barefooted in the sand. Lovely words and message within your lines.

  13. I almost can remember when ...
    When I was like this, young and uninhibited at play.
    Also reminds me of 'some' in the Hippie days.

  14. Full of spirit - seems like only when the defenses are down can one meet life in a fully engaged manner. Nice work!

  15. Drizzle as cleansing hope. The umbrella as a hope inhibitor. I enjoyed the imagery. Good poem.

  16. An ideal match for the prompt. The freedom we have as kids to simply be. Ah!

  17. to be as children.. thank you, that our sometimes weary spirits would remember the wonders of childhood.. thank you

  18. ..sincere thanks to Every One of U..