Saturday, July 26, 2008


cobwebs of disdainful prejudice
like puckered wrinkles on the cheeks
black sarcasm that darkened it all
the stark shadow under the eyes
the stained rut of selfish intent
the morbid lines on the forehead
the refusal to laugh with the joys of others
the drooping and sagging of the chin
an attitude that diminished the spirit
the chilling dryness on the lips
the discomforting pompousness
shrieked from the ridge of the nose
the insensitive desire to subjugate
the silent cruel blankness of expression
this labyrinth of thoughts
faced the surgeon
technically attractive
a media savvy person
had come for a face-lift
neither cardiac nor cosmetic
but a matter of the heart
the surgeon thought
or was it prosopagnosia
~face blindness . ./original/z.g.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

un'rest' (sierra leone)

a choir on wings are you the church
at dawn and dusk the invocation
you are unmoved ever at rest
as if in deep meditation

a log to cross the river of sorrow
in the door and window of every life
from cradle to coffin are you not there
we peck your wood oh tree of hope

a penumbra of pain the eclipsed sun
a blood diamond of sierra leone
through the unrest was standing still
a dragon's blood tree unshaken../original/z.g.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


the church and a mosque
temple and synagogue
junior high schoolers
such sand structures form

a day before the storm

they all look alike
just the day after
common grains of sand

the consonance of life
is waiting to flower
in the sun-filled hour
of a heart's shangri la

no don't call it a myth ../original/z.g.

myth..#2[july 14 mon]

dreams crumble into pain
faith and its' fractions'
lowest common factor

starts a search for joy
faith and its' fractions'
highest common factor

time and space constant
He is far beyond
the algebra of myth../original/z.g.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

through a window

it all goes black the blues grab me
with their scorpion tails stab me
for light crave in a closed cocoon
you the glow of the sun, the moon
through a window

would the silence eat up a song
the notes of love could they go wrong
the chuckles are back and throbbin'
because you chirp like a robin
through a window

no noxious fume to choke my breath
life finds a way past every death
and through the chill of damp despair
you rejuvenate like fresh air
through a window


[ Ed :- L ine 8 - the heart chuckles back to throbbin' ]