Friday, April 4, 2008

a spring in my walk!

His windmill
blades will
blow off the blues
as warm pink hues
form a nebular haze
of happiness!
no gloom can eclipse
what He can endow!
for the time now
is a season of tulips!
omgosh!PINK TULIPS.. /original/z.g.


  1. That is wonderful! It puts a spring in my step. Thanks.

  2. lol sandy!-thank U
    lol onesingle!-thank U
    was a lonely blog, till U
    came! plain grateful..

  3. A spring in my step
    Is put there by your poems
    Thanks for the light walk

  4. lol teri!
    not my words,but an old chinese proverb _"a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step",a few miles for us would mean a lot of steps forward!but,then
    please understand that the cliche 'i just can't help dreaming,it's an incorrigible disorder with me!' holds good for me too..

  5. zoya, thanks for giving me your blog address! Love your poem! Visit here for "One Single Impression" which I think you'll like! :D

  6. ..."piacere"!.-the teach-
    'U make my day'! is an all too familiar hollywood line;but how many times does an earthling get to speak the language of the stars!thanks ma'm..