Friday, February 29, 2008

subjective v/s objective subjectivity

..on a platform..sitting on a static train

saw and perceived myself..
to be in motion,travelling..

obviously,it was the train alongside that was...
a mere illusion of 'having been moved'
and therefore no 'locus standi' on that count..

the distinction between 'perceptions' and 'realities'
'statics' and 'dynamics'
is sometimes the POV{point of view}..

..just as you and me,travelling alongside
on two separate trains,in the same direction
.consider.. or..visualize the other
to be 'motionless'

from a refracted angle, many a times
my stillness
has been my journey!... hypothetical?
perhaps~as may be.
in the often misunderstood
theories of relativity

Wednesday, February 27, 2008 it what u would..

is it the chemistry that we share,
..or is it a mental response to the senses
of sight,hearing, smell,taste or touch,

is it a thought,emotion, desire..
or a logical contract
between life forms,

born out of self interest
and inflated egos
for reciprocal appeasement.. it belief,faith,trust
or mutual respect..
..or is it simply

the numbness and blankness
that descends upon me
at the very thought
of losing u!
..i know not..

but i cherish u
as u r!,
ur grief saddens me,
..ur joys make me happy,
n ur value
exceeds all else,

..what could i call it .. ?!...
..what could u call it.. ?!...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


..anybody..[survivor/triumph] it me that got caught
in this quirky circumstance
of the unlit alleys of distraught emotions
and unexplained phobias where drowsy eyed ‘gators of depressive thoughts
yawn wide open in their readiness
to gobble up my entire being
where..wave after wave.. of hushed,hypocritical corporate conversations sound like deafening cacophonies..
where.. i become a kid once more wanting to cling to someone or something that’s never there, the day after a school shootout..
where..the rigidly formulated preprogrammed conditionalities of closed mindsets determine what is good for me which is actually not..
where..the colossus of gigantic business interests feeds on a collection of puny little solitary dreams like a whale devouring those shoals of tiny fishes..
where..tight lipped, hawk eyed interviewers, scan through cv after cv, and chill you to the marrow of your bones with their frosty gazes for a prospective job that you lose out upon..
where ..relationships are sometimes deemed to be investments that fluctuate with current price indices ..and
out of this ‘black hole’, nevertheless.. my thoughts and ideas escape like unchained,playful bumblebees and butterflies, seeking to interact with the wild flowers of untamed emotions, hope and optimism..
and i ask myself, is it me, or could it be somebody else?..

Monday, February 18, 2008

ode to a painting /outrageous

i've always liked
to joke to myself
that somewhere
in the future

i'm already dead!

mellow fragrances
milder symphonies
at the threshhold

of oblivion!

mysterious memories
defy recall
still i try hard
to listen

as the sunset
of consciousness
slowly melts
into a dark night

of unknown emotions!

and suddenly
i yearn for someone
sans or with reason

far away
the moonlight
over rustling leaves

sounding like
the soft whisperings
of childhood melodies
yes,i do try mom

to jolt myself
out of the voodoo
of surreal forms
and images

till i wake up!

to the perfumes
of "annunciation:
the time of flowers"
[abstract art Title]

in this structured
of life!,sometimes
outrageous ~ /original/z.g.

.._(original post edited/modified )
{ref:painting/art>bkacicek-"annunciation;the time of flowers"}

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

talking to ninanina

zoya gautam said...
dear nn,
sordid it indeed is..
and i do hope i would avoid a sham,
"put on' attitude,..

and refrain from sermonizing..
while i continue to tap
on the keyboard...

...trying to say that ..
art and history
can be so liberating ..
in their objectivity
..and perhaps
"mentally enabling"
in the sense
that they can
provide individuals with
a deeper insight of
the human mind,
free from any
ethnic or political bias..
time i reminded myself i am not in a classroom, cutting loose like an imaginatively free
"intelltectual phony"!!

dear nn,
can't help writing ,
a response from another continent
where i'm embarassed
to accept that
the daily news report
reads like a crime diary..

financial scams,rapes,murders
sale and purchase
of human organs...
u name it v have it..
no it's not africa or egypt or romania
or burma,indonesia or vietnam...
it's my beloved country..
the tragedy is "beloved'
here may be sounding
like black sardonic satire
but it is actually not.
..and as india..
the spiritual india
of poverty and disease..,
of growth,development,
technological advancement,
upward economic mobility,
corporate dreams and share market buzz
and of a recognizable
historical and cultural hertiage..
moves on..
i think of
roxana,cerebral palsy,
scabies,forced pregnancy...and nina nina ..and wish her well..z.g/p.s.>it may not be sounding like a poem;it is not!-no, it is actually not!!plain correspondence,that's it.z.g.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

noun v/s pronoun

DEAR K,...reverting to the phrase"who knows!"
.....when pronouns become
nouns meanings do perceptibly change,don't they?
it's really good to know that "WHO" truly KNOWS!
just wondering how would it be to christen a k9,any k9 ie-"who"!!
who knows?!

2:49 PM

Monday, February 4, 2008


not so long ago,there was no web world,no cyber space and minimal connectivity.

the net has changed all that,thankfully!and while the cerebral community researches and explores 'mind over matter' we go on with the heartbeat to heartbeat process called life,survival,existence or whatever .and yet,despite all this technological prowess the world cannot definitively predict what's in store for us at the very next moment!does anybody know?who knows!