Saturday, August 16, 2008

~unresolved~[ spectacle]

[last week jumped the gun for "spectacle'.
this week it's 'resolve'.trying to address both.]/AUG 24:/OSI 'RESOLVE'


behold the appearance of love
resolve a monalisa smile
the tajmahals carved of the moon
as dawn drops her tresses of gold
or dusk blushes, her cheeks on fire
the beauty of nirvana's truths
fill a grand canyon of desire
blindfolded,see a blind man's view
through the vision of sightlessness
the visual of the within
it was never invisible
perhaps red,green or blue on show
whoever caught a glimpse would know
behold the spectacle of love!..

RESOLVE(2)[IF time permits!]
'A Brush With Goya'*~

a wrinkled carrier
like a leather kayak
capsized,and frozen #
unworldly lifelessness

an overturned shoe
grief had bitten through
its' sole to open up
poverty's hidden doors

a cheap cigarette butt
lying alongside
voicelessly narrates
the burnt out hardship

will the brain resolve
to step into that shoe
for 'nother spectacle
of a so called conscience..

/[*Goya:spanish artist]/#modified:capsized,it faces-aug25


  1. Oh what a beautiful love poem!
    I see you made the same mistake I did with that calendar change.

  2. This poem is just wonderful, Zoya! I especially loved as dawn drops her tresses of gold.

    But is it a love poem, for at the beginning you call it 'the appearance of love'.

  3. The spectacle of love is a tough one.

    This is wonderful, Zoya. Thanks. God bless.

  4. To "fill a grand canyon of desire", spectacular line! Thanks, lovely vision.

  5. Spectacular piece. I love the use of parentheses; they bring resonances of the dictionary.

  6. Beautiful gems of language, as always - "grief had bitten through"!

  7. Beautiful words. Powerful messages that roll off the tongue.

  8. Your first poem is filled with mystical visions pulled from so many wonderful images. I like how you explored the visible and non-visable.

    The second is my favorite of the two. I like the stanzas that are confined to one image. The shoe is very powerful.

  9. i like what you said about the wirnkled carrier

  10. Grief has bitten through the overturned shoe. Fantastic imaging, I can see the visuals in this.

  11. Very powerful images. Love pooems are hard to write. This one is marvellos!


  12. Powerful and poignant. Lovely work!

  13. How long, I wonder, do we have to
    chase after the spectacle of love before we find the real thing?
    Great Poem!
    Thank You for sharing it.

  14. blindfolded...beautiful journey of love..... wow, having less than nothing... goya can be dark....

  15. This is great Zoya. I particularly like the verse about the shoe. So evocative. G

  16. ..i sincerely thank Each One of U..