Sunday, April 27, 2008


.. [:luminous fireflies:engulfed in darkness:
Flowering lights!]..

stacking up warm accessories
and packing up magic moments
for cold could be her journey
to this unacquainted limbo

sweet squabbles over dinners
soulful tie ups with flowers
gossip brewin' coffee breaks
a garage band's fumin' angst

yet the most nostalgic crumb's
a grand kid's comic tantrums
at this facility for the old
so much like home,she's told

but not quite home she knows
eyes approach the sedate snows
to bury the sail away freedoms
of the summers her life'd known

now flowering memories tango
to the songs of yesterday../original/z.g.


  1. your ku at the beginning is magnificent...a wonderful take on the prompt. & the sad & yet hung on hope of memories.

  2. Zoya, thank you for your comments on my "One Single Impression" I agree with you that "tree" isn't necessary. Beautiful poem - the last line is particularly effective!

  3. Lovely post. I'm glad qualcosa mentioned the ku as I almost missed it and it is lovely indeed. The poem is rich, especially the last two lines.

  4. Such beautiful expressive words. I love them.

  5. The ku is spectacular! As is the vision! I really liked your take on this.

    The poem is heart wrenching. Most truth can be. Our family has recently experienced this. It's a loss/loss situation. You have described it so well with "unacquainted limbo".

    I hope my memories stay intact when I'm packed up someday. There are so many who are robbed of this last dignity.

    Well done.

  6. So moving and descriptive. The line "now flowering memories tango to the songs of yesterday" spoke to my heart.

  7. So lovely and yet poignant. Bravo.

  8. now flowering memories tango
    to the songs of yesterday...

    my parents have moved in with me for the winter of their lives. It is bittersweet. Your poem, especially the last lines, capture this magnificently.

  9. That first stanza is just amazing. What a journey, this poem. How I wish my memories had enough rhythm to tango....Thanks.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  10. Wonderful and very creative take. You have caught life's journey in your ku. It is one I would not take. To end such a sweet beginning in a forgotten place. Beautiful.


  11. I almost missed your 'ku, and it is beautiful.

    Your other poem hit rather close to home as I'm having to consider residential care for my Mum who has dementia.

  12. Indeed, a beautiful haiku and lovely poetry that follows!

  13. Profound topic and one we stick into the drawer and don't think about too much. Very movingly expressed.

  14. I am so sad reading this. Your closing lines of the poem are brilliant. (Not that I don't like it all, mind you, but those seem to stick with me.)

    Thank you for your comment on my poem today. I think the insight is all yours. It was not something I was hiding!

  15. ..for having taken the trouble to visit and share your much valued thoughts and experiences
    i am indebted and grateful to each one of U.Thank U!..

  16. Deeply moved. Reminded me of sad and hard times.