Saturday, June 28, 2008


somnabulistic daze
some imprints won't erase
startled you wake up
the perfumes don't knock
just transcend the doorway
waft in and float around
awaken the senses
the flowers that were dead
have come back as blossoms
and the fragrances live
in a world without doors../original/z.g.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


teen aged effervescence jazzed
with the blues of adolescence
anxieties drummed up the heartbeats
soul searchin' thoughts rock n rolled

first romances light or heady
did awaken a melody

me,the mountain's heightened stupor
you,the forest's wilderness song
stars' distant psychedelic blinks
glowed in the night's carbon eons

passionate moons clouds unsteady
did awaken a melody

twilight years' blurred vision's haze
the lil' tit bits of life amaze
shimmering joys glimmering griefs
in every twinkle love's beliefs

i know o-blah-dah o-blah-dee
did awaken a melody../original/z.g.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


an old clock's crackled nagging raps
on sleepy slumbering eyelids
wakes up the transience of dawn

rushes through breakfast runs to school
a spherical ball this globe small
in the playground watches it roll

but what was bouncier,the ball
her wild spirit or that girl
the mystery never unfurls

on the dreamy way back from school
the orange traveler above
becomes her lovely firefly

which she must prepare to catch
in her grand ma's butterfly net
for her cool digital scrapbook

and therefore the stupid sun
who's also her hooky playmate
is playing hide and seek with her

a day in her bag,homeward bound
the happy lil' girl hops around
in dusk's magic evanescence

but still the sun is on the run
to hide or seek another one
another place,another time

another school,reverberates
with laughter,kids teeter totter
in what looks like the same planet

the kid girl-civilization
the sun her inspiration


[ ED - a childhood flame that still does burn!]

Saturday, June 7, 2008


in tricky times and through a storm
he keeps her secrets keeps her warm
her friend in life's big adventure
this fur ball on the furniture
'tis life's easy philosophy
to beat every catastrophe
she quotes her mom verbatim
and cries,laughs, then talks to him
how he would and why he should
not be bad but just be good
learning to love,trust and share
pets and hugs her teddy bear
i doubt if it's inanimate
her angel mate and grizzly pet!../original/z.g.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

freedom to the rain

tear - -

a question ,
a statement ?
or both ,
in your eyes
the verb
becomes a noun ,
on my lips
a lifeless word ,
in your eyes
a pearl alive ,
a ray of light
flashes through it
and disperses ,
into all the colors
of the rainbow ,
drops to the earth
a tear ,
i search for it
in the rain ..


[ Edited - / dec 12 .2009.sat ]