Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hide and seek

it was the arrested development
of that moment
into which the dusk
had gotten trapped,

like a freeze shot
from a suspense thriller,
and i watched the little girl
kick that ball,and fall
kick that ball, and fall

and which was bouncier
the ball,or the girl,
the mystery didn't unfurl

she was on her way back
from school
telling her own self
that the sun was nothing
but a firefly
that she needed to catch

in her butterfly net
for her new scrapbook
and therefore the stupid sun
who was sometimes her hooky playmate

was playing hide and seek with her
on her homeward bound
return journey

..but.. the sun continued
to hide and seek.. another girl,another place,another time... another life.
..in what looked like.. the same planet..//original//....z.g

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