Saturday, March 6, 2010

running .osi

' marathon '

the bills go through the roof
prices sting like a bee
costs pinch like a cranky shoe
paucity tries to hide
beneath a frayed carpet
the curtain is opaque
but the news slips through
the hole in the pocket
cleverer than a stitch
the steam in the oven
cooks up the tempers
running out of hand
with no finishing line
when you run a family ..

original / z.g.

( Ed : line 1 - bills go over the rooftop
line 7 -but the news gets through )


  1. Many truisms penned on your work. All aptly describing the struggles and challenges of managing the family. Thank you for putting it to words.

  2. These strains can strain at the stitches that hold together a family. Well done. The pace of the poem surely capture the emotion.

  3. Oh yes, I m sure it must feel like've written it so well...mane khoob gamiyu...tame lahkta rahejo...hoon ahiya aavti raheesh...:D <>

    I didn't realise you were/knew gujarati..this must be the first time I spoke to someone in the virtual world in Gujarati:D

  4. zoya--
    boy the rhythm of this feels like can't stop
    because if I do the train of pressure will run over me--

    great job as always--

  5. Zoya ,you captured the struggles of the family so neatly...well done...

  6. Yes its a struggle raising a family but in the end it is so worth it, you raise a wonderful person who goes on to make their mark, and make you proud.