Saturday, March 13, 2010


' azure agonies '

i let my thoughts go
winding across ground zero
from an empty nothingness
down a labyrinth of blues
through the twin towers
of many stories
of many voices
of many colors
where they held the placards
where they lit the candles
bracing the something-ness of life
from where a dove flies
and merges into the ether
of a limitless blue space
i know it looks the same
from wherever you are ,
i open the window
unsurely, hesitatingly
to let the sky in ..

original / z.g.

[ Ed : Line 4 - down a labyrinth of pain ]

Ref :

( To - - - mark the International Day of Peace, renowned primatologist and humanitarian Dr. Jane Goodall - - visited Ground Zero with a small group that included the Reverend Lyndon Harris, formerly of St. Paul’s Chapel - - the little chapel that stood through 9/11 and served as a relief center for workers who toiled many months at Ground Zero.The group flew Giant Peace Dove puppets at the site, to express their desire for a world where war and violence are things of the past - - )


  1. It reminds me of the sad tale about 9/11 which altered the normal course of man's has become so much of a hesitation for all people around the world, much so with those victims...

    Thanks for sharing this poem... :)

  2. embracing life after unimaginable loss. we breath the same sky. we do.

  3. That is an utterly beautiful, heart-rending poem. That got me. Thank you for giving voice and shape to this experience.

  4. beautifully written and I love the note at the end to explain- although YOUR words were more than adequate!