Saturday, March 27, 2010

aura. osi

' insomnia '

tranquilizing voicings with a tender aura
anesthetic, analgesic, soporific

the phonetics were simple,the diction was soft
the cadence was warm and the season was summer

captives to a melody we heard in silence
the psychedelics of the moon on the sea shore

the night was a denial of reality
erasing the nightmare of a sweltering day

it is not tactile and it is not tangible
and only with closed eyes can i see that aura ..

original / z.g.

[ Ed : Line 10 - and i have to close my eyes to see that aura ]

Note :

Dear friends & co-writers at OSI ,

Unavoidable circumstances compel me to take leave from participating further at our Dear Meme for an indefinite period. Writing at my Blogs Somewhere Beyond & Insanity in Sanity is also on a halt.

While feigning to be a writer all the while I learnt so much from each one of you, & there is not a single writer to whom I do not owe my thanks , so kindly forgive me for not mentioning any of you by name. I think of all of you as my worthy classmates
& owe my gratitude to each one of you.

Please believe me when I say that I do not have the heart that would hurt a Poet .Still if you have reason to believe that I have caused you pain I believe you will forgive me with a smile .

I am sure you will continue to bring joy and richness to the lives of your readers through your contributions to One Single Impression _ The Meme I was always proud to be a part of ..

Zoya Gautam

Monday March 29 2010


  1. The last couplet says it. Not tangible in the usual sense, but no less real for it.

  2. This time Zoya, the prose after the poetry touched me a lot :)))

  3. Zoya, I am sad that you will be away. Truly. I hope you will be well. Please take care. That said, I will come back here and read your works until you return...