Saturday, February 27, 2010

insomnia .osi

[ To Every Child Affected By War ] _

' psychosis '
- [ baghdad ]

a thousand wailing violins
the din of rusted noises
gestating silences
the wolf moon of winter
empty deserted streets
of a war torn city
countless luminous blinks
flickers in an ageless night

nameless agonies
plain faced sorrows
fireworks of a shooting star
sirens of the night patrol
a little child shrieking ,
what keeps them awake ,
while sleep intrudes reality
with a dream or a nightmare ..

original / z.g.


  1. What it feels like, and no doubt about it.

  2. the quality of your awareness never ceases to amaze and delight me, zoya..

    thanks for being the guardian angel of insomina...

  3. .. i like ur open hearted understanding of things beth

    & feel happy to be the guardian angel of insomnia ! ...

    ( u r a good & a kind psychologist ! )

  4. loved this write...emotions well portrayed..

    "while sleep intrudes reality"

    wonderful lines...:)


  5. Ahhhhh! What wonderful lines :)) Zoya....ahhhhh!