Monday, November 2, 2009

shift in time.osi

' syncopation '

skipped circadian rhythms
listened to a busker
right time , a speaker cooed
i heard his song , still

a moment of harmony

rummaged through a lifetime
what had been

at sixes and sevens

with all status - quo
clocks at the terminus
reflected ,
what is

my train had gone

another would come
that's what ,
would be

i kept getting lost

to timelessness ..

/ original / zg

[ / Stanzas - Restructured /

-Ed : -
Line 3 - right time , they announced
Line 4 - i heard a song , still
Line 5 - that moment of melody
Line 7 - and held the had been
Line 10 - those digits on a clock ]


  1. a lovely take! :)

  2. interesting use of the language and the time...!

  3. Lost to timelessness....What a place to be!

  4. I love the easy shift. In and out, back and forth. Nice.

  5. I love the thought of living or being lost in a state of timelessness.

  6. very nice use of the prompt..

    great job...

  7. Such a poetic description, and so alive with feelings.

  8. great use of word choice; very profound~

  9. It is a deft traveler that weaves in and out of itinerary. To be a junebug, floating in timeless stream. Fluid and magical.

  10. An eternity fits in the palm of your poem, my friend. I stand there at the station, with you, my life in my hands.

    You've been reading my facebook page, haven't you! I started to put that quote that you mentioned in my post, but it went on my FB page...that's how I knew!

    Where is the link to the site you've started to dig deeper into the poetic expression of OSI poets (and I think some others)? I meant to go back there and spend some time, but haven't yet done so.

  11. After posting orders for meds at, I stumbled upon your poem. This one is particularly good. It managed to capture the truth about time and man: we are the one's keeping up with it and bending backwards to accomodate it and not the other way around.