Sunday, November 22, 2009


' relationships '


holding the broken journeys

tidbits rocked the rocking chairs
ploughed through the writing tables
confession boxes echoed
to the taps on a dead tree

whether cut , crafted or burnt
in the fireplace,or elsewhere

where, without any body
what simply lay on the earth
was kind of spiritual
the calming shade of a tree

holding the broken journeys

together ..

/ original / z.g.

[ Ed :
Line 5 - confession boxes , listened ]


  1. the calming shade of a tree....wonderful!!

  2. How strong and stately a tree can be...when not endangered.

  3. What a wonderful interpretation of this prompt Zoya, so gentle and soothing to read.

  4. Strong images in this writing. The tree, with shade, strong roots, binding together. Well done.

  5. Trees can offer incredible calm. You captured it so well.

  6. that is a such a great treat...

    beautiful images potrayed..

  7. very nature-some!

    awesome rendition of the prompt Zoya!

  8. Dear zoya--
    I felt myself relaxing as I read your piece. I don't have to hold myself together...that's better done by more nimble and stronger hands than my own...thank you for this. As always, subtle and lovely.

    Hey would you like to do a joint birthday blog post and link to each other? We could pick a theme, like...well...there's so many. You can email me and we can dream it up together, if you'd like. beth at virtualteahouse dot com

  9. Oh my, this is exquisite! I've re-read it several times to see which lines were particularly strong or vivid and, as it turns, out - the entire piece is perfect!

  10. Zoya, you did this soooooo well. I was trying to relate my family tree to this very nice one of yours.
    Since I am the oldest in our branch (the tree does have older ones but all are in my generation or younger) I have dibs on the rocking chair. It seems to have more prestige and respect than the rest.
    I surely do not wish to be the firewood. :-)

  11. I re-read this a couple of times and enjoyed the poem more with each read. Very creative take on the prompt!

  12. hello beth ,

    many happy returns ! ~ ~ november 26 !

    have put up my post : -HERE / -

  13. keeping each others stories alive. this is a wonderful interpretation of the prompt!