Monday, November 9, 2009


' missed calls '

mbote na bino
hello to you all

it speaks every language
russian, chinese, lingala
bridges minds,connects hearts
civilization's toy
responding to touch
unleashing life

' iko kufa - birth is death '

the horizon splits
to reality and dreams
on five million tombstones
of heat tolerant coltan,
another cell phone
toys with civilization

bonjour tout le monde
hello the whole world ..

/ original / z.g.

{ Ref :

In The Democratic Republic of Congo DRC ( Official Languages- Lingala & French )
Coltan Mining [ Heat Resistant Mineral required for Capacitors used in Cell phones , Laptops , Pagers Etc ] has caused the Deaths of More than Five Million People -
surpassing the number of lives lost in World War Two }


  1. powerful flow of ideas...very nice!

  2. wow...this is a unique take in the prompt...:)

    good morning...:)

  3. What a powerful prompt...I had no idea the danger of Coltan mining. I am always amazed at your creative work.

  4. different approach, same involvement?

  5. Sad state of affairs when profits are used to back killings and wars. Sad. Excellent work and reminder!

  6. hi uddipana ,

    ur ' involvement ' with poetry & literature needs no approval and exists on record

    attempted cultivation of such involvement can only be a happy pursuit ..

    thank U for visiting ..

  7. There are so many things I don't know about, and am glad to learn new things, especially through good poetry. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The trifles of our world have devastating effects. The understatement here is astounding.

  9. Well, that is food for thought. We should all know that our conveniences often times come on the backs of others.

  10. excellent intprepretation of the prompt- loved how you did this!

  11. Dear zoya--
    I had no idea. I'm sad to admit this, but I didn't know about the coltan mining and it's horrific ramifications.

    It seems that everything we 'own' in north America is at the expense of other peoples, other lands. It makes my heart sick.

    Thank you for telling us this horrific tale. I will never use my cellphone again without thought of them and blessing of their departed souls.

  12. meri bebak tabiyat ka taqaza hai kuchh aur, I want this ghazal. Can you send me this ghazal or link to download it.