Sunday, September 6, 2009


recession _ (2009)..

read between the wrinkles
oneirophrenic tales
in the cafeteria
geriatric voices
discuss the recession
i pretend not to hear
won't last long, she says
might outlast us, he laughs
an argument ensues
over chicken rolls
her favorite dish
but wants his ordered
fall's almost here
must save for the winter
she explains,he yields
like a leaf in autumn
to a living gravity
my cup of coffee, like life
blends into a romance
the bitter and the sweet
around me ..

/ original / z.g.

(editing- line 17 -to the pull of a being ,
like life - moved from line 19 to line 18
added line 21 -around me )


  1. I loved the imagery in this...I could see them both so clearly sitting and sharing their meal. Enduring romance between two people who have lived a long life together...beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful way to tell this story!

  3. I thought to myself as I was reading this, how sweet --- but I am old and I can't recall times like this of late, but it good to read about them.

  4. zoya--
    you are profoundly romantic in a way that is rich and deep and grounded.

    thank you for this--it is lovely!

  5. WHAT? we share a birthday? us and Tina Turner? oh man, how come everyone with that birthdate but me got rhythm and talent?

    Thanks for the cute comment on my OSI poem...and how did you know my birthday?! Bet it's not the same year...

  6. Yeah, I say over and over as I read this. I know this experience. Thanks for giving it life beyond me.

  7. Sweet, romantic and ageless. Nice work!

  8. very nice and sweet! great job Zoya..


  9. " like life
    blends into a romance
    the bitter and the sweet
    around me .." I love that line. I really enjoyed the poem- I could just picture it and hear the geriatric voices. Very well done!

  10. over-the-cup of coffee, i believe always offer many beautiful possibilities towards romance

  11. this is so profound and beautiful - a long lived dance, a beautiful banter, that certainly outlives recession 2009! thank you so much for your lovely comment on wild goose.