Tuesday, September 22, 2009


fogs hollywood

leafless branches and twigs
craft out a sign language
delicate fingerwork
weaves patterns into the mist
the autumn lexicon
articulates loneliness
the wind voices that story
a smoke without fire
descends upon a city
of burnt desires
a cloud understands
the fall of spirits
renounces the sky
and settles on the earth ..

/ original / z.g.

" Fog has a mystical feeling.
Like the heavens have come down
to envelop the world and soften it "
~ Lisa at Greenbow
( excerpt from her cmnt at sandy carlson's poem for this prompt )

[ Ed -

Lines 1 to 6 - Rearranged
Line 3 - that delicate fingerwork
Line 7 -the wind voices their story
Line 13 - renouncing the sky
Line 14 - settles on the earth ]


  1. nice one! ''a smoke without fire
    descends upon a city
    of burnt desires''

  2. very nice one Zoya!

    you looked at the hollywood the right way..

  3. I have traipsed through that city of burnt desires. Your description is magical.

  4. Creatively wonderful!

    "the autumn lexicon" --- you represented it very well in this poem.

  5. "a smoke without fire". to smolder still with memories. the cloud descending is a blessing.

  6. so many powerful images. I particularly like the idea of fog as a cloud that has renounced the sky! I like too your use of imagry that deals with communication -- both sign language and voice.