Sunday, August 30, 2009

blue .osi

' stones , flowers and blues '

you are right
life can't run on poetics
the porridge and the soup
that's real substance
lapis lazuli
the hair of the sun god re
a solar promise , that's it
but the pendant
has a price tag on
me and my blank verse
for a moment go blank
'cause i'm but an abstraction
a mere thought
almost nothingness
like thin air
turning to dew at times
on your morning glory ..

/ original / z.g.

{ lapis lazuli_ is a blue, greenish blue or purple blue rock ..

_ lapis lazuli stones are considered a stone of universal truth and friendship. A power stone for those who seek spiritual development ..

( source - web )

morning glory ..
blue colored flowers }


  1. Wow...The morning glory could not have been said better.

  2. How you feed the morning glory as you make the point that you feed the soul. Beautiful.

  3. I really like the contrast between porridge and soup and the rest of the images in the poem.

  4. This was gorgeous...the last six lines were especially wonderful!

  5. Like how you take the mundane with the transient..

    weeks trample on each other like magazines

    Please don't forget to post your creative works at Monday Poetry Train Revisited too!

  6. loved it! :)

    well captured.. last six lines exquisite!

  7. I saw the glory in the morning glory.

  8. Especially love the dazzle of the lapis lazuli being the hair of the sun god! Instantly I had a flash of an exquisite image! Beautiful poem!

  9. I love your poem....lapis lazuli....we have a lot of those here..!

  10. Beautiful....made me wish for a Lapis lazuli!

  11. breathtakingly fantastic..

    you captured the mood so well..

    thank you


  12. the two last lines are just so poignant...i know how it feels

  13. ah! the mundane is the glory. like that a lot, zoya--

    when are you going to publish some of your work?