Saturday, January 31, 2009

SLOWLY. (osi.)

' the elusive antithesis of haste '

slowly breaks the dawn,slowly builds the day,slowly thaws a dusk,slowly

kids humanize ' the wall '
graffiti vent kafka
ghettoes upstage beckett
and search for life slowly

slowly raps the wind,slowly rants the rain,slowly grasps a love ,slowly

a chewing gum bubble
how much truth does it hold
young thoughts memories old
exhaled inhaled slowly

slowly steps the soul,slowly flows the pulse ,slowly rocks a breath ,slowly

bach strains in peacock cries
flowers with van gogh hues
passions in the fragrance
would come to life slowly

slowly falls the night ,slowly skips the moon ,slowly rolls a star,slowly


['the wall':pink floyd ~musician ~ " We don't need no education - We dont need no thought control -
- No dark sarcasm in the classroom " - -
// Franz Kafka (1883-1924). -. ' Czech-born German-speaking writer whose posthumously published novels express the alienation of 20th century man & whose works explore the existential philosophy of the absurd and the surreal ' // Beckett, Samuel : playwright-poet~ "he presents the experience of waiting and struggling with a pervading sense of futility" & portrays "The anguish of persisting in a meaningless world " ]


  1. When I first started reading I couldn't believe it! We've both taken a similar path this week... Mine begins 'slowly comes the dawn'!

  2. It seems we do speedy things slowly most as the time pushes on us.

  3. A post to make you gentle, serene.

  4. I am interested in the movement from the hard surfaces that limit to the freedom of nature and the place of art in the whole process. The soul is transformed, indeed.

  5. i couldn't help slowly exhaling and inhaling as i read this ---

    "bach strains in peacock cries
    flowers with van gogh hues"

    i love the dawn.
    just beautiful.

  6. This is a wonderful "breath poem" and I so enjoyed reading it.

  7. a Thousand Island salad of ideas and flavors here, thank you and namaste

  8. Hi zoya--
    KiteHorse said it better than I ever could; it feels like a slow-cooked feast for the soul here.

    Thank you for this offering--deep bows of gratitude.

  9. Fabulous as always!

  10. Deborah Godin said...

    " You poem for OSI/Slowly just totally blew me away!1 I will probably print it out and tape it to the inside of my computer cabinet door and re-read it for awhile. Marvelous!! "

    February 1, 2009 7:36 AM

  11. excellent poem. i love the pop culture and cultural references! it's got a rhthym to it.

  12. Love it, but it is just the opposite at my age. Everything goes too quickly.

  13. It's almost like a meditation. Calming, thoughtful and full of imagery.

  14. I also felt the meditative quality Tumblewords mentioned. I like the references to people in history that you built into your poem. Nice!

  15. A charming poem feeling like a dream.

  16. This read is like the oil I need so my poetry doesn't wind up frozen. Thanks-

  17. The pattern and repetition are so powerful in this poem. So, so many things that move slowly and beautifully -- so many reminders of the pace of nature and life. Such nice contrast in the verses in between. Your mention of "the wall" though made me think first of the Berlin Wall rather than Pink Floyd's song, but on seeing your note it makes even more sense.

  18. This was soothing and lovely Zoya.