Saturday, February 7, 2009


' wall street (2009 AD) '

so the refracted words
let bent realities
ride tergiversations
to travel past meanings

the train alongside moved
static on a still train
commuters sensed a shift
carried by illusion

trusted waters burst banks
the street,a wall to climb
but a bear and a bull
grappled with dance movements ..



  1. Haven't read a poem of yours in a while and it is a treat to do so. And thank you for that new word (at least to me) -- tergiversation. I love it when I have to go to a dictionary or google!

  2. These appear so enigmatic, yet beautiful words.

  3. You've used that word before in a poem, have you not?

    I try not to watch the sweeping movements of the dance of the bear and the bull. It sweeps me off my feet, and not in a good way.

    Very well done!

  4. The bear and the bull....Images of brute strength. Where is the grace? Thanks for this.

  5. Such a dreamlike uality in this poem!

  6. bears and bulls
    ups and downs
    probity and cupidity
    these are necessary shadows

  7. Reflection of the present times. Well written and nails it!


  8. WillThink4Wine - "You've used that word before in a poem, have you not?"-

    hi barb,

    this was a word used by kitehorse in a comment for a jan 11.2009 osi post-(@ rooted-gautami/golden freeze)

  9. I agree that many thought they were on a moving train with a paid ticket and were surprised to find the tickets were on a stalled train and all movement stopped so no one could get anywhere.

  10. ... words traveling past meaning, but going nowhere, as for me, I went right to the dictionary and what a surprise! Don't know if I should thank you for this lovely poem, or for the education, either way I win!

  11. What a clever poem, and it describes so well the times we're all dealing with...

  12. Sometimes the illusion of movement is very powerful and you tapped into this in the poem. Nicely written.

  13. Hi zoya--
    are you also a visual artist? you do amazing things with words. they seem almost to not be adequate for your images...
    these are profound understandings of 'movement'. I especially liked the 3rd piece--a precise image of our economic plight--
    loved these--thank you

  14. I am moving but my feet are still. I am with the bear and the bull, grappled and grappling with (non) movement, movement that is not, twisted, warped and convoluted into something other. As always, thank you.

  15. I too liked the bulls and bears grappling. Now riding the tergiversations, I think that is done by the poseurs.

  16. ..only a correct post mortem of the collapse of the big american financial institutions would reveal the truth-
    those responsible may not be very far from being 'poseurs'-surely agree jim..

  17. a beautiful movement of trains, water and walls, amongst the ruins of the american dream

  18. Excellent - its movement is timely and well composed.

  19. That's an interesting reference to illusion of the stationary train. And the last one is so apt in these times of recession...well done!

  20. I love your allusion to our current situation..."the street,a wall to climb
    but a bear and a bull
    grappled with dance movements .."

    Nicely done! Thanks for sharing~


  21. You really expressed the calamity of Wall Street. Clever!

  22. Very fitting and clever verse - wish those execs swimming in public money could get a clue.