Saturday, February 13, 2010


' addresses '

jackals howl a mystery
the leaves rustle with longing
the winds sigh for no reason
crickets talk to the heavens ,
a maze of stars shimmers
like fireflies burning
a night of moonlessness ,
it could be anything
love , illusion or nothingness ,
just what is it ,
roads of black tarmac
like a dark night
run through the city
from house to house , door to door
where the answers live ..

original / z.g.

[ Ed ; Line 4 - the crickets add a chorus ]


  1. this feels like two different poems placed together. At first I feel as though I am in a moonless night surrounded with the mystery of nature. Then it becomes a very human unsettling thing. Interesting piece.

  2. How aware we become in those moments. I enjoyed that very much.

  3. Interesting and enjoyable read....
    Happy Valentines Day to you..