Wednesday, August 19, 2009

copse . osi

' living on an oak tree '

oneiric scenarios
the badinage of birds
eyes like tranquil ponds
where otterish thoughts dwell
racoons scavenge on boredom
listlessness like sluggish hedgehogs
the impishness of rabbits
the toil of the beavers
the craft of the tailorbirds
the tenderness of fawns
the storybook mysteries
of li'l red riding hoods
in ordinary houses
girls ,wives,moms,grannies
whenever the chips are down
come up with the acorns
of laughter or other goodies
that they hide like squirrels
in the copse of their small worlds ..

/ original / z.g.


  1. oh so lovely!!

    i really like your take on it!



    we have shifted to a self hosted visit!!!

    The Self Love Project

  2. I enjoy the way words have been weaved....You just have a way with words.

  3. I was 'lost in the woods' while reading your words...I loved the feeling this evoked. Lovely!

  4. I'm jealous! So this is why so many women I would think would be in a steady state of depression can keep going. They have that stash.
    Nice work, :-),

  5. This is the magic of survival, I think.

  6. Ah, a lovely read! Great wordplay, that ceates vivid images...

  7. there is always an inner world to retreat to, a respite from the mundane. from acorns giant oaks are born.

    i am reminded of a book of beautiful quilts women had stitched. in the forward, "we make these quilts to keep our families warm and surround us with beauty"

    your poem has a gentle magic.

  8. Hey Zoya, thanks for peeking in on me. You were
    reading my tomorrow's peom on 'ALLOW.'
    My 'COPSE' poem is on the link here, Jim's OSI .