Monday, July 6, 2009

the stranger.osi

' marbles '

inside her marble eyes

diaphanous darkness
perfunctory quiescence
she wonders where she lost
that rainbow on bubbles

in those eyes her daddy
felt the constellations
marbles in the backyard
games of the galaxies

now she is a grownup
in the realm of the my
the me , the mine, the i
the boundaries have been drawn

in her eyes like marbles ..

/ original / z.g.

( Ed : last line - inside her marble eyes )


  1. What happens to those galaxies? When do we discover they are finite?

  2. This felt deeply intimate, yet also wide open to encompass the universe. Beautiful!

  3. Zoya, I like the concept of marble eyes. I knew a lady who had one glass (marble) eye, it was erie to look into her face when talking. That marble eye didn't track and looked downward and outward just a little.
    Of course you made me think of her and the situations she and her family would encounter when she was growing up.

  4. Great style - your extension from the near to infinity leaves a yearning not easily dismissed. Nice, nice!

  5. Awesome imagery...and done with great style! And the words have a haunting charm... With all the infinite scope being probably reduced to something a lot lesser, with being grown up!

  6. wow...awsome concept...

  7. great! some beautiful use of words there.

  8. Fascinating. The more we become obsessed with ourselves, the more we lose track of infinity.

  9. although the meaning of apathy is here, this reads with delicate, hazy intensity. I like it when a poem makes us think and reflect - the nudge is gentle yet wonderful.

  10. in her eyes like marbles. the shadow of mortality, the narrowness of near, there is still wonder. thank you for this beauty.