Tuesday, July 14, 2009

thinking .osi

' dishwashing '

coriander and cardamom
a dash of ajinomoto
the thought'd been deep or shallow fried

morsels of dust from shooting stars
aromas of rain-drenched fresh grass
the salt of the high and wild tides

a solar grace had cooked it all
the dessert of moon was optional
every yummy breath was savored

she washed her dishes with laughter ..

/ original /z.g.

[ Ed :her pulse cooked like a solar flame- line 7 \
the dishes were washed with laughter - line 10 ]


  1. Great imagery, that makes for a vivid description.. Loved reading the poem.. 'twas superb, the way it progressed!

  2. I like it, especially the line "morsels of dust from shooting star" - I imagine all kinds of chaos raining down on someone

  3. That the kind of recipe to make the chores fly by.

  4. I loved this!!! What vivid images your words invoke~ I especially liked the last line! Also- thanks for the kind thoughts ...it is a family issue so bound not to be pretty.

  5. oh the toss of flavors. and afterwards, the giggle of running waters. loved this.

  6. Hmmmmm....Flavours, flavours.....Dishes with laughter....

  7. I am enjoying breathing this one in!

  8. Absolutely wonderful, loved every line!