Monday, December 7, 2009


' the ( immigrants' ) lighthouse '

like all my sorrows
they start from the earth
in pristine africa
hit by the winds and the waves
smuggled like chattels
dumped on a broken raft,
they melt , like contrails
behind the reality
of some aircraft in the sky,
like flotsam on the sea
drifting through the dusk
and into the night ,
to find an abode of light
on a distant shore
bright as hope in the heart ,
that the rationale of being
must tie them to handcuffs ,
and deport them
to where they come from ,
like all my sorrows

they stay inside me ..

/ original / z.g.

[ human smuggling from africa to The EU or The US
takes its own toll of human life - people die in transit.Gangsters charge app 1500 USD per illegal immigrant.Millions have migrated while others keep trying - and the light house beckons ]


  1. Sorrows, dreams, people...You have shed light on a troubling experience.

  2. Wow, a powerful poem. The ability to hold concern for an entire earth is one the world could use more of. Excellent.

  3. so interesting.......thanks!!

  4. No where should ever be treated as slaves to hopes, dreams and even life.

    Peace to you:)

  5. Profound and powerful...I could feel the heartache in your words.

  6. Powerful post. No man is an island -- which is why "they" stay insdie you.

  7. Wow- this was powerful and very thought provoking. You always come up with such interesting interpretations- great read!

  8. a lighthouse to your sorrows, indeed!

    wonderful take on the prompt Zoya!!!

  9. Dear Zoyz, thank you
    For those beautiful flowers
    And wonderful wishes!

    PS, I miss all your wonderful and thought-provoking poems.

  10. zoya--
    this was another remarkable post. the struggles outside mirroring the struggles inside (projection?) is very powerful perspective.

    love and freedom are uncomfortable synonyms...

    thank you so much.