Wednesday, June 17, 2009


' walled '

[ echoes " another brick in the wall " ]

a school , prison or exalted court room
brick by brick they form
a visible blankness
a writer reads between the lines
the poet builds up a metaphor
an artist manipulates color
the architect bends the ceiling

inside the sancta sanctorum
an eternity immured

while in the decrepit shantytown
plaster flakes off, on the walls
a palimpsest of wounds
seepage teases geometry
the cracks of reality stare
but an anonymous occupant
finds a yin yang wallpaper ..

/ original / z.g.

[ ED- lines 2 & 3-brick by brick they rise
in the visible blankness -
pink floyd ~ british rock band *]

" We don't need no education
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone " ~ excerpt from the song ' another brick in the wall ' * part 2


  1. this world sure is diverse, endless possibilities. Always good to be aware of one another.
    the finale was a unique way to pull it all together~

  2. Hi Zoya (again) I like your editor reco for lines 2 & 3 better. They add a little action directly if you want that.
    We have some shanties in the U.S. In Texas we have a very large 'shanty town' just outside El Paso (West Texas). They are not abandoned buildings of yesterday, rather they are fairly recent construction of cardboard, scrap lumber, old cement, etc. They have no running water or the like.
    I do imagine those types of arrangements are in or near most of our cities. Our county seat (town) has banned them unless permission is given by the property owner.
    We have more than three million homeless in the U.S. and then number is growing. I know that is an insignificant compared to some of the developing countries.

  3. so hard to find sanctum in want. but you did

  4. Excellent poem- many interpretations~ thanks

  5. "Seepage teases geometry" is a great line. Wonderful, evocative.

  6. Deborah Godin said...

    " OSI Walls - so much to admire in your words and phrases. Very vivid! Thanks for your comment, too! "

    June 17, 2009 12:21 PM

  7. maybe I'm supra-dense...but aren't you talking about two sides of the same wall, zoya?

    love this--

  8. Brilliant these: seepage teases geometry
    the cracks of reality stare

    Great piece.